Yea.yes.ya.yep. yes alright then.

Sea life frontin

I don't like crossing this road in heels because it's uneven and there's
 always lary people around it at night. 
But I like it because it goes towards the sea and also near some arcade games.

photo by Nima, an introvert club photographer

Le Disney Effect

Skrillhouse thrillhouse


One big room full of bad bitches
No, one big room and it's full of mad bitches

I already posted he new Lana Del Rey video for National Anthem below which is very nice; shit song, btists it'sut it's a very good video and Asap looks pretty fly. Even if your not a fan of either of the artists it's still a pretty good watch as they try to re-create both Marylin Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and President Kennedy who is transformed into the image of a thugged out Asap president. But here is another tune with both Del Rey and Asap which is a lot better than the last. 


Here is a cool little info graphic on the sales of Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy 2's. 
Shown is the pricing for all the size 10 pairs that were sold on ebay. 
Each point represents one sale and the different colors represent the days of the week. 
What an absolute bump.

Urban dictionary definition of bump/boopsed:

:cheated, usually out of money.

Levi: allow man, I spent $2000 on these butters trainers just because Kanye West played some minor part in designing them.

Winston: bruv you got boopsed.

Levi: yeah

Vintage Britain

More than 15,000 images from one of the earliest and most significant collections of aerial photography have recently been released. The photos on the Britain from Above website have gone through a painstaking process of conservation and cataloguing. Here's a look at some of the featured.

St.Paul's, 1921

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, London, 1921
Terraced housing surrounding Westbury Road, 
Brownlow Road and Arnos Park, Bowes Park, 1930

West Pier, Brighton, 1927
Old Man of Hoy, Orkney.




My new favorite is JMSN, I've had him a lot this last fortnight. If you like the Weeknd then you will love JMSN and that's a bromise. Something to listen to until the Weeknd releases some new free stuff. He's from   Detroit and also directs and produces all of his songs and videos. His album Piscilla was released earlier this year and there's not really one track that isnt good. Check out his videos too, very very well done & great for bath time or blowing trees. You can also get his album on spotify so you must must listen.

I love you cat but we can never be together

If you were to cut open my brain, I'm pretty sure you'd find this in the center

P-Ladd ft.Mind da Gapz: I like dem white gyalz:

Oxide & Neutrino need to take the back peddle because the new P-Ladd and Mind da Gapz single I like dem white gyalz is a sure number one bashment banger after their dance hall debut hit Let me chirpse that below Audio which was revealed earlier this year but only stayed at the top of the charts for a short while due to Gapz; the Romeo of the duo, being arrested for explicitly assaulting a biscuit. Hopefully this sizzla will be a new sure thing with great photography by grime photography J.O.Marion who first found these two hot wiring an Audio R8 in a b&aq car park. He then signed the two to the SouthOver Label where they carried on their life of crime, grime and chicken. Lyrics to the new tune include:

"White girlie me like, white girlie mi feh cool, white girly Ima pick you up from school"
"Mi want a white gyal street chirpse, mama waiting pon da bus stop I chat and smoke da reefa"


Sleep Paralysis is a fucking bitch. I know loads of people that get it and I also know lots that don't. I even know some people who enjoy it because then they can go into Lucid dreaming and do weird shit, those people tend to live in Brighton. Anyway, sleep paralysis in Alice terms is basically when your asleep and you feel either a presence at the end of your bed or pressing on your chest. You think your awake and you try to speak/sit up but you can't; your body's completely locked down (because your dreaming but you obvy don't know this.) It's highly unpleasant and can last from seconds to minutes, some have been recorded to go on 'for hours which is what I'd imagine similar to a coma.You do get a great work out though from all that tensing you were doing when you were trying to sit up and talk to the weird woman with the talking cat at the end of your bed...My definition is poor so wiki it because it's real interesting. 


Robert Yager is my new favorite photographer that I found out about the other day.
He has just the kind of photography that I absolutely bum. Although he has made his dollar by shooting campaigns and celebrities by far my favorite photography of his is his coverage of LA Latin gang culture in the 90's (my favorite period of time in my favorite place). A London born photographer who moved to LA to document life in Latin gang culture. He has also published a book that I really wanna get called AKA boo boo in which he documented 14 years of a Cindy Martinez; who was a female gang member. 

I truly believe I was a young mami chula of the 90's in Brooklyn called Goldie or  lil boo or something that worked on the stoop with the playboys and had various tear tattoos on my face and wore only baby pink, whites and grey and my baby daddy was forever in prison for bank robbery's. 

Anyway, here is some of his amazing photography that he shot in January 1992

Playboys Gang mural

benny lava


I'm not going to go into too much detail but here is the new favourite 17 year old Brooklyn based Joey Bada$$. Thanks to Ladd for showing me him. Hanging with boys who are also listen to hip hop makes it a lot more harder to find to find the gems first! He's been making big moves since the release of his first video below with The Smoker's Club; Jonny Shipes managing him who also manages the likes of BIG K.R.I.T. and  Smoke DZA. He's a dope 90's hip hop inspired kid and below is the next big thing in new hip hop. Below is the new mixtape 1999 that he dropped earlier this week. Check the video below also of his debut Survival Tacitcs which was directed by Creative Control, the same people that did Kanye's Through The Wire . Set to get big.




I hope you had a lovely day and night with lots of cupcakes and gash from wall to wall. 
:: (^^^)

 Fern when she was a young cockney child of Cricklewood taking the mick out of her young male love interest for going too bed early. SO SO CUTE

female vs meat

Oh it's about to go down in a big way in a little flat on the south coast, Homer Simpson style. It turns out I went to Waitrose just at the right time to find this massive bit of steak discounted. It's the biggest piece of steak I've ever bought. So in true Man vs food style, I'm going to cook three animals for dinner. Cow, pig and chicken. 
I'm going to roast some chicken, fry this steak and grill some sausages in honey with some peas, tatties and yorkshire puddings with a bowl full of gravy. My size may deceive you, but never be fooled by small Asian girls, they'll get you in the gut. Here's an episode of man vs food for some of you that may not know about it but I'm warning you, don't watch it if you don't eat meat and NEVER ever watch it on an empty tummy or fridge because this is just ridiculous.


For all you fly mothers out there or girlfriends that hold the p, there is now a sale on at Peggs and Sons both online and in store.

If you like the likes of Huff, Obey and Norse Project then you should have a look online here a$ap to get your hands on these items while they're still going. Be quick though because these items go like hot cakes. Check out the online store here to see whats on sale, Here's just a couple of items that you can find online at the summer sale at the moment. 

My City: London & YOLO: George The Poet

Here are 2 upcoming poems by George The Poet.
 A 21 year old upcoming Cambridge student from North West London. He is a breath of fresh air for contemporary British poetry. He offers politically conscious and humorous social commentary through his words. His themes are based around life in  London's inner city and the politics involved in today's multicultural society. One of his poems featured below is about the forgotten parts of London and another about the phrase YOLO. Some really beautiful shots of London in here also directed by Rob Ryan. Second poem about how people of recent have been relying on the phrase Yolo to do stupid stuff. Enjoy