OH NO IT'S ONOE. That was an awful and lame way to announced the long awaited LP from h boy Onoe Catponoe. He's delic smacked it this time again, and this time he's gone all phycadelic and shit. All the tracks are dope, especially the ones about unicorns coz that's shit's just crazy special. Also check the tune he's done with Jehst, beat is too good. ANYWAY, if you haven't already then you shouda woulda coulda but still can. Just click on this link below to get your FREE copy by way of audio donuts and have a listening party either by yourself or with friends, sharing is caring after all. 


People who have suffered extreme trauma are more likely to report boredom than those who have had a less eventful time. The theory is that they shut down emotionally and find it harder to work out what they need. They may be left with free-floating desire, without knowing what to pin it on. This lack of emotional awareness is known as alexithymia and can affect anyone. Frustrated dreamers who haven't realised their goals can expend all their emotional energy on hating themselves or the world, and find they have no attention left for anything else.


Do you like:
Naked dog pictures?
Feeling like you missed out on summer?
Blonde girls?
So do I.
Sitting in a cold and badly lit basement in Kentish Town wrapped up in different duvets in different beds with the same mice and the same appetite for a dumpling dinner, I'm missing my yang very much. Grace Bullen and her tumblr are on the other side of the world and it's my daily routine to check it out. You know Home and Away and all those jokes reddit pictures about peoples wonderful and alternative lives in Bondi? Well yeah she's one of those Ozzie trendys that drink shit loads of beer and wine and dress like every night is their birthday. They always seem to be at festivals too. It's a very cool life, and her blog is a very cool blog. 
She'll come back to London soon though, she cant get enough of her inner city girls and hooded long lost boys 


When I say Girls on Top what I mean women kicking ass in general whether it's literally a woman kicking a guys bum or just being cool all over. Girls on top can be girls I know who rule such as Grace Bullen, Fern Angel, Mercedes Benson, Laura Brown & Karis Halsall. Or it can be current female musicians such as Gita, Grimes, Dena, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and all of the Rough Diamondz and Roxanne. All said females above have got it going on. 

Anyway in this case I'm talking about Brooke Candy. You may recognise her from the Grimes video Genesis but this is her proper first video that's going to break her into the UK. She's linked in to the MEAT music and fashion movement and this video ticks both of these boxes. THE VIDEO IS SO FEMALE G including the likes of: 
Ghost riding, gold things, small asian kids, small kids rapping, popping bottles, shiny things and big booty bitche$. 

In her recent interview for I-D magazine she states: 
I'm part of an up-and-coming movement of young homosexual and queer artists. We all work together to make the disenchanted youth feel more comfortable with who they are, and show that you can be successful being exactly what you want to be."

And I for one am disenchanted so this is great brain food for me. 


I've got to give myself some Kudos here because I've been blogging about Die Antwoord since August 2008. That's some real love and dedication right hurr. Anyway this is new music video for Fatty Boom Boom, and as per it's gone all out to impress. Everything is always done to perfection and the continuity of mad outfits and controversial statements. Gaga gets a special smack in the chops and even gets a cockroach pulled out of her nun half way through which is always nice. But theres more to this than just sexual health and piss taking.

There has also apparently been a twitter war going on UP IN HUR UP IN HUR. After Die Antwoord turned down opening for her, they then decided to make this video to really get their point that they really dont need her to get big. Gaga then tweeted saying "I fink u freaky but you dont have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in LA. Thats my shit." 

Firstly her grammar is god awful. Secondly twitter wars can bore off and thirdly, Die Antwoord replied with saying they were glad at least they don't have prawns in their nun. Tru dat. But seriously I don't want to go on because I just bored myself.

Anyway, check out the art work on the wall where a Priest is expelling an evil music manufactured monster with the heads of Minaj, Lil Jon, Gaga, Kanye and Drake on it. If it's your first time watching Die Antwoord then don't be scared, you've just entered a whole new something but if your fan, then prepare to be entertained. 
Yaaaaaaaay happiness an dumplings all around for this one.


Yesterday at the crack of dawn, NinjaPig, The Special K's, Thidarat and I traveled up to a very very big house in the countraay where we shot the music video to Towers. The 14 hour shoot included the British country side and two lip stick lesbians making out. It also included re styling Howard Kaye; the lead singer of The Special K's into a modern day Russian and slightly seedy version on Mario (pictures soon) Anyway it was a very very good day and especially good for the NinjaPig himself for making his first ever music video one of the best shoots I've worked on. Stay aware for the video being released in the next month and click below to see the music from the band themselves and some of NinjaPigs other badass treats.


Good news to hear from my friends to hear that this is apparently my toy equivalent. 
Plastic, purple and holy.


"Now that's what I call artwork 2012"

Recently I came across a young buck by the name of Christian Newell and putting it quickly and blunt: his artwork is awesome. Now being a graduate in the History of Arts (yeahdasright) the word 'awesome' is not exactly appropriate nor evaluative but his work is a new kind of something beautiful.

Reigning from the L.D.N he is an up and coming artist, illustrator, photographer and socialite. His artwork combines both the finest in fine art with his other half of contemporary and urban feels. Mixing both urban culture and fine art together into one art piece can only be a slice of what I call greatness. His work has also been featured in Adidas campaigns and exhibited in galleries from London to New York. Anyways, I don't want to go on about his work too much more because 1) I'm scared I wont describe his work in the correct way and 2) His ego will explode through his 5 panel hat, so check out his website to get an idea on more of his work and also check out his crews' movement which makes me wanna move back to the city quick time called Last Night in Paris.



All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.



Get comfy in the seedy zone because it's about to go down in China Town. ahem.

So I cant wait until these M.E.A.T tracksuits are for sale. I hope someone I know will buy one because I simply don't have the balls or the dollar for such a fancy item that will only be worn when either at a 90's themed rave or when on some kind of self confidence boosting drug. If I was a rich boy, (nana nana nana nana nana nanananana)  I'd be the coolest ghetto fab Eurasian boy in town, oh yes. Yeah yeah I know these clothes are the kookiest and tackiest in all the fairest of the land but you gotta love it. Feel that baby boy blue PVC against your skin, I'm talking seedy seedy dirty dirty. Makes you want to go out and get yourself a secret sun bed and call yourself Spike with a girlfriend named Tina Michelle who does nails and crimps hair.

No but 'real talk' check out this website. They are called M.E.A.T. and they are a London born fashion label who are proudly 100% British handmade rubber fashion users, of 'Boss Quality' apparently.These guys have got some bold 90's visions which I never knew could be taken this far. They've also got a whole creative collective going on including both music, photography and other fashion labels combining Grimes and Brooke Candy. Check out Grimes's video Genesis and you shall see some glorious M.E.A.T artefacts. Also in  the collective is Brooke Candy, the badass upcoming female rapper and also local girl Valentine Lane in all her contemporary burlesque sexiness.

This literally breaks a piece of my heart.