I don't know about you but when I was younger I really wanted those slashes in my eyebrows. They were the symbol of rudeboy. If you had slashes in your brow you were a certified rude boy for sure, a real road man. Once again the Asian parent thing came into effect and I wasn't allowed. I also wasn't allowed my ears pierced till I was 18, so it was a real smart move when I got a tattoo instead.

Anyway, there are a lot of people that are allowed to make stupid decisions with no-one ever telling them that it was a bad choice, and I've found a whole load of them.

This is a tumblr full of awful eyebrows. There's all kinds of beautiful on here with some real corkers for eyebrows. Thanks Mum and Dad for protecting me from featuring on this. Here are some of my faves.



I made a playlist of sounds I've compiled on Soundcloud. Click here to have a jamm because it's really good. Especially if you like TLC and synths.


TLC - Creep (Kaytranada's Creepier Edition)
Vicktor Taiwò Ft Solomon - Digital Kids 
Jessie Ware ft. Sampha - Valentine
A$AP Rocky - Thuggin' Noise (It's Hemsworth, Bitch Edit)
 Lonely Town - Dirg Gerner
Toronto - Feat. Su Bviley, Collard & Cassow
JohnnyRainOD - Twisted high
 Miguel - Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)
No Dubs - TLC vs The Dealer
 Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Kastle Remix)
Tajan & fwdslxsh - Beautiful
Usher - Climax (Duchovny Remix)
Clammyclams - Crystals (GTA V EXCLUSIVE)


Just came across this pretty cool short film entitled Noah which made its debut at the Toronto Intentional Film Festival this year. This film will only be available on YouTube until the end of today so make sure to get your peep now. It depicts the everyday online life of a young adult and the flitting attention span people have when using the internet. It also demonstrates the lack of connection people have to one another via the internet despite the endless amounts of ways there now are to connect. A very interesting and truthful watch!


The new line for MEAT clothing is out. The new A/W collection is just as daring and cyper-sexy as ever. This clothing isn't for the faint hearted, but it sure is on the rise. With iconic females from all over the globe like Yo-Landi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord, Madmoiselle Yulia from the K-Pop world and even our favourite crazy, Miley Cyrus, seen most recently wearing a piece. The new collection called 'Believe' and features a blonde boobed cyber beauty carrying out her daily activities. Check the pieces below.


I've just listened to the whole of The Weeknd's new album Kiss Land and it's safe to say I'm unsurprisingly but unfortunately disappointed, again. Before writing this I checked all other respectable music blogs to see what they had to say and it appears I'm not the only one so Ima go ahead and word vomit.

Confidently being one of The Weeknd's number 1 fans in 2011, House Of Balloons rocked up 22 year old world. I had it on everyday and there still isn't one track on that album that is overplayed. The music video to The Knowing will forever be my favourite and Wicked Games is my personal best, but it was after this that things started to slide. For me I feel like Abel Tesfaye did the opposite to Drake by starting from the top and now he's here. Each release after House Of Balloons seemed a little less original and enjoyable with a little less magic. The trilogy on the whole was good but there's only a few tracks off Thursday and Echoes Of Silence that matched any of the tracks on the first.

Then we had the music videos. They became unimaginative and ruined the songs for me, especially Wicked Games and Rolling Stone. The personal appearances that Abel put in also were no longer rare and his mysterious identity that had once been intriguing was now smack bang in my face, and it wasn't that pretty.

I don't want to bash The Weeknd too much as his music is still very different from your average RnB and I somewhat enjoy his imagery. I'm just disappointed that's all, but that's so much worse as any boyfriend will tell you that they've learnt from listening to females.

Kissland is cool but it's boring. It's really poppy and lacks the mysteriousness, darkness and sexiness that once blew sexuality active peoples minds. It's no longer mood music that people choose to get high to in the bath or have on in the bedroom, it's just around the internet. Listen to the new Kissland here on Soundcloud and make up your own mind.


My Gracey pie singing Lorde's Tennis Court. Everytime I witness G-race she talks a bit more funny and looks a bit more colourful. SOON COME NOVEMBER. x

Also selling this Illustrated People jumper if anyone wants it. x


Can you imagine I felt like Miss Veronica Corningstone when I decided to write this. Nawwwt I love it and I'm choosing to right about it. It's London Fashion Week next week so it just seems right to show you the new 2014 Glamour Puss calender. These bunch of pussies posed nude for the latest calender shot by Paul Cocken which featured the Kate Moss and Cara Delevinge equivalents bearing their mitts. Check it below and appreciate this because my journalism is never going to get this good again.


I'm selling my 60's kitsch furniture, please mail me if you're interested as I'm selling it for cheap. x


A jokes rom-com remix version of Game of Thrones entitled Game of Hearts.
Oh and Morgan Freeman obviously.


These are the beaut new Huf Plantlife socks which have just gone on sale at Peggs & Son. They are currently giving away 7 pairs for free! So if you want a week's worth of these all you gotta do is click here to enter, simples!


Here's the long awaited look book for the new Al Raz A/W campaign. With clear inspiration from music and nature Al Raz has managed to combine all the latest styles into one piece of perfection. Her new line is set to go on sale in all major retailers in 2 weeks and is expected to sell out within 2 minutes due to the recognition she received earlier this year by Givenchy and George from Asda. Check out the completely original and realistic looking 'flame in your fucking face shirt' which is going on sale for £2.50. A great way to kick off the new season in style. Check out the images below as featured in Vogue, Wonderland and Nuts.