The new Lego Hats


things you do for love

Erase Me

Kid Cudi ft Kanye West -- Erase Me.

I like my bling..blingy

Girls have a Gas

only kisses on the cheek from now on....x

The Fox

Likes: Food.Balls.Arguing.Touching balls.Sleeping.Removing hands from balls.More Food.Rugby balls.Balls of stuffing.Not to be confused with stuffing balls (the action) He's not happy. Apparently he is.

Lovelies and Jakes funny face


Mas Ms Sanchez

Mi Silencio

Not so cute now. Jealousy equals gone.

Amazing Grace

This Shabbie is a too right decent aussie girl. She's out of the bush into London town but she's having fun. She;s no bushranger but she likes her chook and her cut lunch. Dont come raw the prawn with her coz she will put you in the dunny cobber. Sometimes shes full of a boot on grog and will have have the odd grizzle. If you piss her off i will job you. Howzat for aussie slang? x

photos by VJ

East Side to the West Side (no vs)

East Coast

West Coast


Ciara Princess Harris (real name)