"Swearing and shit"- Onoe Catporno & DJ BB

Here are of 2 of my favorite fresh princin' homayos. Onoe Catporno and DJ BB doing what they do best on JustJam by way of Dont Watch That TV the other day. Going in on the fresh garms, music and funk mafi smashy and grabby. Proud of yous two I am and do I get a special lil something something mention? YEAHHHH kosrse I do ! Coz im da bess$, you da besssss! Made/me/happs.

:Girls on top: part a zillion by now

Nike "Voices" - Directed by Mark Romanek

Now here's a good video I just came across. All girls just watch this short Nike advert about equality for women in sports. Especially G-bullen, Angel Beattie, Palomi, Laura brown and Son. Just the kinda video that makes me kinda happs yeaaaahhh BOY.

So bad I make medicine sick

Oh shit, it's Mos Def in a Louis Vutton advert. Some suave stuff going on here with some dope one liners. It's all a bit confusing about what it's about and there is little/no reference to LV, I guess he's wearing it. Anyway Mos Def is too slick and I didnt know his speaking voice sounded like this.

All I need in this life of sin...


Apologies for not writing anything in a while. I've been busy doing grown up stuff like graduating and working instead of sitting in bed for all the night time hours researching ridiculous things that the internet has to offer me and eating chinese takeaways. I miss it. I will be doing lots mo stuff this week though pwomise. If you've anything interesting/weird/hood rich to show me please do email me at alice_razack@hotmail.co.uk as inspiration is always a goodun. 



Under the Pier smells like pee

Antique tatt

A Solar Eclipse, Cosmas Damian Asam, 1735.

Southern Hospitality

Looking back through some old photo's and seeing G-race reminds me that I need to get back on my tacky finds game. I miss my old phone cover. I ended up using the gems to stick on my nails to form an even tackier DIY manicure which I like to call Southern Hospitality Nails. So Ima buy me a new one now on ebay which is even more tackier; if that's possible. Oh yeah...here's an old picture of me half ballin.



I heard these guys playing in my pub last night and they were so so nice I had to look them up. I love this kind of music. Go by the name Remember April and here is their website, http://www.elasouthgate.me.uk/Audio-links.php


Art Attack was an amazing program. I always lacked in my talent to draw but at least I had a go. I still cant draw hands and never will be able to. They always come out as some form or mitt or paw. My favourite bit was when he did the birds eye view images which we huge and you had to guess what it was, well you didn't, but I'll make a competition out of anything. 
But how friggin scary was this guy below. So so so scary. I hated when he came into the picture, just wanna punch him in the face now. 

yethhhhhh i love.

:frank ocies-pink matter:

One of the dopest tunes on the new album me thinks.

Some JMSN videos

He really shouldn't of released all his videos in one short space. His songs and his videos are far too good to of been released at once and there for dont get the attention or appreciation they should be getting. Even for a minute there I questioned whether I was starting to find him hot but then I watched this second video in which he rawly sexually assaults an Octopus and I remembered I don't go for skinny guys. He quite literally does some mad stuff to this Octopus, but it looks cool so..
 Get to know JMSN.


Need to cop a face hugger

I may need to invest in one of these face huggers. 
Sure they multiply and wont leave you the fuck alone until you and all your crew are dead but they'd be perfect for me to use as a cool and calming eye mask to cover my face when the sun shines in in the morning. Oh...It's even got a built in breathing proboscis/ventilation system making it useful for people who snore throughout the whole god dam entire night time, drop me out. 



AlunaGeorge beat yumyum

If you like female vocals, rnb, dub, electro, breaks or pretty girls
then you'll probably like this, yaaaay.


A very good tune and a very good newly released video to match


A little bit of Jodecial

I dont care. I love Jodeci. Just look at these poses and look at these garms. Sure they're wearing wet suits and carrying around huge knifes to award shows and are constantly naked around each other but I don't blame them, theyre in.sane. fuck JLS, b2K and any other boy band that uses numbers and letters in their names, they aint got shit on Jodeci. What has happened to all these rnb men? I wish I was older in the 90's and American, that way there's a 78% chance they would of been on it. 


New girl on the block it's Dena. I love my female rap and this is just another one to add to the candy store. Although she isnt an amazing rapper; what I find in female hip hop/rap is that they always manage to make it up in another way whether it be the beat & production, styling or the music video. It's called progression you see.

A Bulgarian lady who's based in Berlin. I was unsure at first of where she had reigned from but I'm pleased to say the woman is European. Check her music video below of Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimmingpools which is pretty on trend with the latest of female rap videos. Look out for the 10 year old pervy boy half way through coz he's pretty pervy. Below is also a few tracks from her Soundcloud. I spoil you.



If you like 22tracks then you equally bum this music website. 
This is www.patestapes.com. It's basically a guy called Charles Pates who has spent a lot of his life time going around the world and collecting vinyls of all kinds and putting them onto tapes. He has literally recorded hundreds of hours of vinyls onto tapes which is a real treat. Have a look around the site and see what you think. Just click on the tape you want to listen to and the playlist's will come up on the left with the track listing on the right, simples!
Various different artists featured from Beethoven to more recent songs by frank ocean. Playlist's include Caribean Reggae Dub and Soaka to Soul Rythm and Blues. 

Definitely one for people who are appreciative of the Old School. 


Amazing visuals that I would put on here but there's just too many


I left my hair in plaits and as a result I turned into Serena who then evolved to a member of the Adams family/one of the Beatles.

I've changed my blog slightly now so if you want to ever comment on any of my posts or share anything please feel free to click on the post title and leave your lil sum sum below.

"Familiarity Breeds Contempt"

I like to think I'm quite a sociable person. If I'm alone sometimes I can get agitated but then I'll go out and all I'll be thinking about is how much I want to hoover my stairs and listen to music in the bath...alone. I know a lot of outgoing people that look forward to their one on one time with themselves and I'm increasingly keen on it at times. Here's something interesting I found on a study researching the saying "Familiarity Breeds Contempt."

Most people assume that learning more about a new person will lead to a greater liking where in fact, on average, we like other people less the more we know about them. An interesting study is the 'Mere-exposure effect' which is a social psychological finding demonstrating that just being exposed to someone causes us to like them more. 

A good example of this is a study by Moreland and Beach who introduced four fake students to a large college course. Each of the fake students - chosen to be of similar appearance - attended the course to varying degrees, some going to many classes, others to few; but none interacted with the other students. At the end of the course the one student most people preferred, despite never having talked to her, was the one who had attended the most classes. 

 If the mere 'exposure effect' holds for developing social relationships then, as we come to know more about others, we should come to like them more but alas this is not necessarily so. In the next part of the study by Norton, participants were given a list of traits about another person and asked how much they would like that person. The results showed that the more information people had about others the less they liked them. Once we perceive a dissimilarity, it's usually downhill from there. Even traits we might have liked, or been neutral about before, now get the thumbs down. 
Oh dear. waa. Don't get too down about this, it's not speaking for every occasion or friendship it was merely an observation so don't be calling off any engagements or house parties coz that's silly.

OK and for a perfect example of a feminine filled ridiculous social situation going wrong please watch this hilarious clip of 2 women beefing it out about who's (husbands) richer than the other on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I don't care if your a boy, I don't care if your not gay either just watch it.
 I cant understand a majority of what they're saying, it sounds like angry chickens but I can grasp the words $monay, honay, uglay and bitch.$