I fink your freeky and I like you a lot


Oh shit if this is the way music videos are heading then I'm on the 90's plastic road to success. This is Gita straight out of Harlem with her new video HOOD RICH. If you liked M.I.A's bad girls then you'll most certainly like this. It's what my dreams are made of.
Watch out for Gita.

My third eye sheds a tear through fear of the burning light.
Mushroom Kingdom: A Bad Trip by Brittany Bernstorm

Kidnap the fuck out of Tom Hardy

For Shabz
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
She will have music wherever she goes

Macking LV

"LV Rubbers in the denim pockets..." OK so here are some Louis Vutton condoms designed by Irakli Kiziria. They cost $68 which is about £42. So if your after a gangster G'd out Valentines day buy these and feel like a don when your doing the macking. (not actually designed by Louis Vutton, cmon.)


I love reading through the spam I get sent from far away countries. The standard ones are usually every day plans to transfer moneys to them to help them move a big amount that they found under a rock etc etc but this one really takes the biscuit. Whoever wrote this one has an amazing imagination and has definitely watched too much Star Trek and American war films the night before writing this to me. Sorry General JM but no moneys for you.


Dont feel skeptical about this sudden letter coming from a remote country far away and probably from someone you are not closely related with.But all the same,I believe we do not need to be of blood relatives before we can establish cordial relationship.

I am General Joel Mills,Director National Security Agency (DIRNSA), Chief, Central Security Service (CCSS) and Commander, United States Cyber Command stationed in Afghanistan for the NATO peace keeping.As you may know that all NATO peace keeping soldiers in Afghanistan are attacked by insurgents everyday.On the 27th august 2011 death of Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman Multimillion mansion in Marja the northern part of Afghanistan was invaded some troops which was led by me,the more we discover ammunition used for terrorism in their hide out,the more we discover treasures and at the end of that mission we gathered money worth over 50 million US dollars which was shared among us without turning it to the authority because we are the ones bearing the risk here.My own share of the Money is worth 7 million United States Dollars . You may wonder the reason why i have contacted you, but is to help me safe keep the funds until my assignment is over. I am ready to compensate you with good percentage of the funds, No strings attached, just for you to help me keep the funds when i succeed in moving it out of Afghanistan.

God Bless

General JM

no kisses :(

Freak me baby

There's few things in this life that I really miss but 1 of them is this. The 90's and especially the 90's boy bands.I miss the 90's so much sometimes. Listening to this song tonight as B and I trawled through the lights of 5ive, A1, N'Sync, Kaci, Jordan Knight, Cleopatra comin' at ya and Aaron Carter, I realised how much I would of LOVED to be 21 in the 90's. I would of been numero uno groupie of Another Level. I felt like I was having a full on flirt with the computer earlier, it was weird. JLS aint got shit on 90's boybands! And trust me I know my shit, I was even in a 90's boy bands music video when I was younger but I'll never share that here. And yea yea when you google image 90's boy bands they all look so so gay and...gay but give a fuck. So glad 90's fashion is making somewhat of a come back too, I can now rock my bindis, black lipstick and bobbles again and not be embarrassed to post this on my blog ..well...

"NW3 by the Sea"

...Many more Londoners simply enjoy the fantasy of moving to Brighton. It's a syndrome that strikes when the tube is hard to bear; when the smog count is up. Yes, Brighton is becoming a Zion for uptight chatterers. Some try Brighton - probably at a stage of low self-esteem - then find themselves moving back to London. It is easy to see why Brighton works in theory though. It is a satellite of London in proximity - 50 minutes on a greasy train - and also in fashion and attitude. Back in the Sixties, Trot-rich Sussex University was called "NW3 by the Sea." Still true(And this article was written in 1998.) Now Brighton has become a kind of Camden-sur-Mer, defined by London but with an inferior ruefulness about its parent town that always translates into a pre-emptive twist: "It's much better than London, you know. And it has the sea." I'm undecided after 5 years of living both here and Camden. Meh I don't know but it's def a love/hate thing. Oh Brighton you sneaky fuck.
-The Independant Online



Now Ive been wanting to do a post about this for a while so here it is.


 This is a phenomenon reported first in 1971 where in the menstrual cycles of women who live together become synchronised over a period of time. A study was carried out on a group of ladies to test this theory. A group of 20 lesbian couples had results which showed that more than half of the couples tested had the same synchronization within a two day period of each other. Coincidence?

However, I'm not sure if this theory is correct or not because I can never tell when Clare is on her period because she never really shows signs of PMS in comparison to me. When I have PMS, don't come near me, don't wake me, don't talk to me, just. don't.touch.me. Still, I hope one day to find out that Menstrual Synchrony has been tested and confirmed as a truth as Id find it really funny and magical.

I like the thrill

You knew that talking dirty to me
on the phone would get me here,
Cause we both wanted to do this
but I could tell that you were scared.
Cause you thought there was more to us
but you knew how this would end,
It's gonna end how you expected
girl you're such a masochist
and I ask why...
And you reply


Live fast die young bad girls do it well. This video is the one of the bestest videos Ive seen in a long while. Glad to see M.I.A is making a comeback with Danja producing this sexy treat and this video has everything I Love in it(if you know me you'll understand.) Check the light up car half way through! HOEEE MY DAYS$$$SS. Women seem to be going in really hard of recent.