This is equally as jokes. Both penis related but hey what can I do.


Your my fucking girl 


Pretty sure I want to die to this song. It's so beautiful and never gets old and reminds me of living in a final fantasy world where men are really heroic and enchanting and mystical and just better. Just haven't decided on the original or the club remix yet...I guess it depends on the kind of mood I'm know happy death mood, sad death mood, up for a bit of a dance death mood, this is a bit weird isn't it death mood.


This is an absolute tune. Reminds me of Jamie Woon synths.
Blake you beautiful wizard.


If you enjoy getting your nails done, hair done everything did and you live in Brighton then your going to thank me after you've read this. Needles and Nails is the best place to get your tips done and maybe some piercings and a tattoo while your at it! Sexy girl Chani aka Valentine Lane can be found there and is currently taking appointments for nail, look at these pictures to see her work. If you'd like to book an appointment just call up 01273 68 20 20 and ask for Miss Chani. 
Facebook search Needles and Nails for more info on everything else.


Do you remember when everyone used to say Ciara was a man? Well I don't think that rumor goes around anymore, especially after she just released her new video to Body Party and if I was a full grown man I'd be like daaayyyyyyym. But I'm not so what I'm saying is she looks really nice in it...The song is a sexy rnb song with a sample taken from the classic Inoj hit and the video features quiet a few known rappers including butters Stevie J and his crack head version of Rihanna; Jocelyn Hernandez baby. But anyway, Ciara can dance but I cant help thinking she still has this kind of masucline swagger about her that makes me less threatened by her and like her more. 
This one goes out to Mark Harris.


I only wanna fly first class and baby your my limousine 

 Do you dream in golden wrappers and crushed velvet? These hotel rooms aren't for the people that love lavender and recycled hemp. They're for the people who can take a bit of gold to the eyes and get wild for the night. The Crazy Bear group are a chain of luxury bars, restaurants and hotels. The hotel quarter is based in Beconsfield outside a London and a room like this could be yours for the night if you've set a but of mula on the side...a bit more. Would also be ideal location to shoot a music video. 

These rooms are ghetto fabulous fantastic and you'd have to break some boundaries if you were to spend the night here and do shit you wouldn't usually do at home, it'd be a waste if you didn't  There's also an outside pool which I'm assuming can only be used once a year when it's sunny in England. I know this is all tacky but you gotta love it. Perfect for any of those who are looking to show someone else a good time. 
Oh yeah, rooms are about £300 a night, enjoy. 


Here are a few insties from the music video shoot for Nineteen89 record label we did the other day for musician Crypt. It involved a hell of a lot of running through pretty scenery and I am killing from it. I'm actually surprised I'm still alive. But yeah here are a few mini's with some camera stills to come in due time and in the mean time check out the label, 


New music video to Persian Wine. I didn't really make the comparison before but this track reminds me a lot of some old Wu Tang and also quite a bit like Wolf Gang. I'm not saying their an imitation or anything, i rate this video and this tune; I'm just saying as all..


Pools Cool

Ytckitaiyll...hopefully one day anyway. :)



It might just be me but I swear transfer tattoos have back into fashion. Either that or I've come of the age where you can tell I'm joking and having fun when I wear one instead of wearing one and pretending it's real and not letting anybody touch it because 'it's still healing' and scrubbing it off before I go home to my conservative parents. 
Nah man I'M GOWN and I got real tattoos now, although I did manage to hide it from my mum for over a year until I wore a see through shirt in front of her. Shit.

 Anyway as I was saying it seem's the 90's transfer tattoos have made a bit more of an appearance recently and here are some pretty cool ones. They're by a company called Tattly that deal in temporary trendy tattoos. There a bit different from your seaside one pound machine that dispensed the ugly Celtic barbed wire ones and the porn star style butterfly's that I always bought. They're more the kind of design you'd expect graphic designers, architects and photographers to have but in real ink pain.
Yeah these ones are for the hipsters, check them out here:


It seems Gita came to London and met up with the M.E.A.T clang. I'm glad she's finally done another video. Hood Rich will always be my favorite but this is good too. I never clocked how much she sounds like Lil Kim till I heard this but yeah I dunno. It's alright. I think the dancing put me off a bit but the beat is jokes.




Whisper the words "twerking by the cakes twerking by the cakes"
 repeatedly and get louder and it sounds really funny and weird.


Samantha Malson of Colorado was recently jailed after her boyfriend's incessant singing of Thrift Shop by Macklemore pushed the girl over the edge. According to the police, Samantha told them she was already pissed off after her boyfriend drank all the alcohol they had in their house. She then left the house to calm down and when she returned she found her insignificant other singing the song over and over. She claims she told him to stop at least 25 times before flipping out and choking him.

He got off so lightly.

But not in Wyoming? Ludacris you disappoint me.


Sounds like a 90's Pharcyde beat. Yeahhh. 
Also, who is Da$h. I say God Daym.


Came across these interesting pieces earlier. Jose Ballester has covered some famous paintings and emptied them out. Have a look and appreciate. 

Palacio Real (Version of Las Meninas by Velázquez)

Waiting for the Birth (Version of The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli)

The Garden Uninhabited . 2007. (Version of The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Bosch).
Meet me on the low when you come,
Leave me on a high when you leave


In this world you usually get more of one or the other. Ass and tt's.
My best friend certainly has one, and I'm pretty certain I gots the other. But have you got a box gap doe? I was looking through pictures on tumblr of girls ass's (in the standard way girls look at pictures of other girls ass's) and kept seeing the word 'box gap.' 

After my independent and scientific research I found out the box gap was the gap under the bum in-between the legs. Now this for me is not a symbol of being sexy* but a good way to tell if said ass is in shape. I cant stop thinking about box gaps now and many a mirror has been used and abused to confirm my box. 
HOWEVER, in box world, the bigger the better so I'm about to go ham with the 20 Day Squat Challenge.

Squats help tone all your body but in particular your a$$, thighs and hips and are also good for your cardio.  The Squat Challenge is typically a 30 day challenge  from day 1 starting with 30 squats and day 30 ending in 300 squats. Now I'm not going to kid myself or anyone that I would ever be able to do that. My self-discipline is shocking and I get easily distracted by the color purple, flashing lights and anything else...So I'm going to do the 20 day challenge. Every day I'm going to do ten more squats than the day before adding 4 rest days in between equally in around 200 squats on day 20. 

By the end of this my box better look more like a moving house box than a jewelry box. And I also suggest if you join me, doing it along to the sounds of Nas - The Don. Wish me luck and no I will not be posting a picture of said ass at the end. I can draw you it though. 

(I just realised I haven't included a picture of box gap, but instead here's a video of a lady twerking by the cakes in a Walmart; it's really funny.)

 *it is


Coloring in wallpaper called Burger Mash Burgerdoodles by Jon Burgerman. Now it says this is for kids but kids haven't got money so forget the kids and buy this for yourself. It;s clearly not just for children but for anything that enjoys coloring and I never want to meet anyone that doesn't. You get 10m per pack and there aren't many left. It's £34.99 and you can get it from amazon. I'm not giving you the link, if you like it go fetch.


US Rap videos may blow my tiny cyber mind but they aint shit when it comes to Korean Rap/Pop videos. They are insane and clearly have a ridiculous budget that creates styles that white trash dreams are made of. It's like they've enlisted the 5 most camp it up fabulous gay men stylists in the world and let them all have a go at the same time. And I'm pretty sure this is the first time a rap video has also featured a bear...and a baby tiger, that's just madness. Yeah it might be a bit over le top but like Luther Vandross said "..never too much never too much." Weezy f baby's got nothing on G-DRAGON except a slightly better name. You cant deny this video isn't amazing and the song/rapping isn't too shabby either righhht?
 I wish I was attracted to oriental boys, but I'm not at all.


This week is the opening of my chum Amar Stewart's show for the Freshly Baked Gallery. His set is a compilation of oil painted iconic hip hop legends. Featuring in his exhibition you'll find the likes of Badu, Snoop, B.I.G, Jay Z, TLC and more. Now unfortunately the show is on the upside down of the earth in Australia but had it been in London I would of been the first one in and the last one out. However, you will be able to see all the pieces online. For now here is the trailer and introduction of Amar Stewart and his Snoop piece, enjoy. 


So here it is. This is the last video for the Roses EP by Last Night in Paris was released recently and it's the final black cherry on top that finishes the project off with mad perfection. Both the EP and the videos have received notoriety from all over the world from both music lovers and media sources. So here are the three videos so you can watch them one after the other to witness the finesse with the new Blackout at the end. And if you look carefully you might be able to spot an Al Raz in there somewhere. 

This is for all lovers of London, fashion, music and art. 
I introduce to you:

1- Too Many Stars
2- Keep You
3- Breathe
4- So Very
5- Blackout