One of my London rugrats who is becoming ever increasingly notorious for his London life nights out captured in black and white has again released another video. This time the hoodlums managed to get into the Livin Proof night @ Cargo where A$AP Rocky performed. So gutted I missed this. This is another great piece by Morgs and has already gained a lot of interest of facebook and is the best coverage of Asap I've seen from this event. LOOK AT HOW MY LIL HOMIES ROLL & watch out for Xuan get baited out too. HA. Subscribe for more videos of the same kind.x

I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole? I see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that's not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate Neo?
Why not?
Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Babestations 1.



Night time song with ear plugs

Its gunna end how you expected,
girl your such a masochist and I ask why
And you reply.

Neck Up

Both men and women will appreciate this. Maybe for different reasons though.
Ratings, easily unrealistic but ratings.
Cheers Shabz, you need to start a blog.

Semantics will do


Going in on the knee pads


I double dare someone to do this to me.


The amazing Elli Ingram's cover of Bob Marley's, Waiting in vain.

No fooling Ladd y yo

1.Disabuse, disenthrall, undeceive, disappoint.

The act of disenchanting.

Elvin foreplay music:GRIMES:

Thanks to one of Fern's roomies, I today came across a new favourite female artist. Ive listened to 24 of her songs already and they're all amazing. 24 year old Grimes is a cute Canadian born artist although I imagine her to be some kind of Eastern European or Russian so that dissapoints me a bit. I don't really know what genre to put her music in so Ima call it Elvin foreplay music awww yeah.When I put it on earlier, it literally put me to sleep. The sound is a mixture between Dolphin sounds/dirty Elven mating music.
It's like a younger cooler version of Enya which I can openly listen to without being baited out and judged. Thank you Ferns friend. Everyone should listen to this but it's probably an acquired taste. Oh and the video below is really really good too. It reminds me pokemon. The best ever pokemon dreams. Listen to both tunes below.


90's fake phone sex

My parents shouldnt of bought me this game because it basically made me aware of the opposite sex and taught me how to flirt with guys. You can see by the whole colour scheme they got going on that it's a seedy game. It also taught me how to prank and to go for guys who look like these guys below who all look like complete knobs, especially Gary. This game made me the person I am today. Thanks game. Thanks a lot. And if you dont understand what the hell I'm talking about watch the advert for this game real quick. Sluts.

My Thid bad,
My Thid hood,
My Thid do shit that your Thid wish she could.


OK I'm thinking about Narwhal's again.
I asked a someone what their long tusk was for. Their first standard response was "It's an antenna..." their second seemed a bit more logical with, "you know blind people have that long stick that they walk with to feel whats in front of them? I reckon they're blind fish that don't know whats in front of them.."

Anyway David Attenborough doesn't even know so I don't know why I bothered asking. NARWHAL means 'corpse whale' so they've already got a badass name like the corpse bride and to make them even more legit, their 'tusks' which can usually go to about 9ft are called Monodon Monoceros AKA ONE TOOTHED UNICORN. YEAH BOI.

If you don't know about Narwhals and you've never seen a picture of one then I must apologize for this being the first picture you see of a Narwhal, but just Google image it and you can see some less tarty looking ones.

So Clare made me on sims...



All these pieces will be in my loving bare hands in the next 4 weeks.
Cant wait.

Jaw so hard mother fuckers wanna sign me

Sam wearing lies by Sam Hiscox
underage and filthy lies


Yea obviously I love this song, Yeah obviously the video is sick too and yeah obviously Im going to share it but this girl is on her masochistic stuff. In both this video and Born to Die, her ugly boyfriend kills her. Why! Why does he always kill her? He's stupid. Beautiful video though. I did invision it to be different though #justsayingIknowbest.

Every day problems for my roomie

She has a big penith you see


According to the book of Genesis, God placed a mark on the world's first murderer before sending him into exile. The mark of Cain indelibly branded its bearer as a criminal and social outcast.

Im hungover so Im chillin and researching Russian gang tattoos, as you do. The Russian prison population is one of the largest in the world. From the mid-1960's to the 1980's, 35 million people were incarcerated, and of those, 20-30 million were tattooed. Now Russian tattoos can be very detailed and meaningful and they are also used to show what gang your in. There are various different gangs in Russia such as the Aryan Brotherhood (white racist gang) Neta - Puerto Rican-American & Hispanic. Black Guerrilla Family - founded in 1966 at San Quentin State Prison originally by Black Panther members, and various others which you can of course see by now are segregated either through ethnicity or religous beliefs. Anyway, the tattoos are painfully applied with needles and electric shavers, using ink made from urine, soot, and shampoo but boy do they look good. Here's the meaning to some of them...

5 dots to indicate that the person has been in prison. Can also mean in other cultures the reminder of your attitude towards women and the police (Thomas Edison also had one on his arm)
Cats face - Indicates that one is a thief for life. Miaowf
Little finger - Anarchist
Third finger-that they were an orphan or the motto 'trust no one but yourself'
Middle finger: is in a gang
Forefinger-a ‘leninist’ bandit. (leader of a group of expropriators)
Spider or web - drug addiction
Barbed Wire- Life sentence with no parole

Monasteries, cathedrals, castles, and fortresses are often tattooed on the chest, back, or hand. The number of spires or towers can represent the years a prisoner has been incarcerated, or number of times they have been imprisoned. The phrase, "The Church is the House of God," often inscribed beneath a cathedral, has the metaphorical meaning, "Prison is the Home of the Thief."

And here's some Russian gangster rap. I cant tell what he was saying but I think he is sad.

"Ima catch alll em mutha fuckas"

Semantics wont do pt1

Night Mode

In my bed are many things. Not all cuddly toys. Alice sleeps ft. 7 pillows, 1 over heating laptop, one mobile phone that can go off at funny hours, 1 ipod, 1 snickers, 2 sets of ear phones, pain killers loose and in their packets including feminax and other sedatives, under wear and some bank statements.


I wanna dedicate this song right here to Oren Ishii
Half Chinese, half Japanisie, half American, and yo
Oh what a species

A figure of perfection

She got the sinister cat eyes
And little freckles on her complexion
Chief of the Yakusa
But she's wicked like Medusa
And she got Crazy 88 killers
That'd slice right through ya
Quick to chop a head off
Then wipe the blood off

A long-range sniper shot she busts
Never let a dud off
You got a minute to pray
And a second to die
You could see the image of the devil reflecting inside her eye

She been bustin up knee caps son
Since the age of 11
But fuckin her enemy to death
That was her favorite weapon
And in death you paid in hell
Boy it can't be paid in heaven
You better get down on your knees son
And start prayin to the reverend
Bon Appetite
Boy revenge is so sweet
Especially when it's served on a cold dish

But she has no wish
But to cut yo day short
Like the winter solstice
And the chance to receive a slight bit of mercy from her was hopeless

Oren Ishii
Half Chinese, half Japanisie, half American
Oh what a species

Infared Photographic Memory

Coz if it's you,
I will disarm you

I put a spell on you:Beautiful Bunny Boilers:

You better stop the things you do,
I aint lying...

How to lose a guy in 1 day

So this is pretty funny. Clare showed it me the other day. A guy and a girl have a date/one night stand. And this is what happend after. Go to buzzfeeds, http://www.buzzfeed.com/hgrant/this-is-what-crazy-looks-like-via-text-messaging to see the texts but also click this link below which is 2 radio djs from New Zealand doing thier impression of the whole ordeal. Made me crease like sheets. I do feel slightly sorry for her but she really did take it too far. If it were the other way round I'm sure you would have already got a restraining order and changed her phone, locks, adress, hair colour, name, place of birth etc. GIRL GOT GAME GOD DAM!

Who's that
Get off the train,
Avirex jacket in the pouring rain




Pretty mother fucker, Harlems what I'm reppin

"And just sits.on his.broke ass so.."

Miss.Beattie told me yesterday there was a good programme on the history of the girl group, I didn't watch it at the time because I was too busy watching that Saturday night programme where a hoard of chickens who press a button to signal that they do not want to be with a man who likes to spend time with his family and has a degree in architecture but then leave it on for the part time model/part time naked waiter that likes to 'just have a laugh and enjoy life.' Thats what someone says to you when they just wanna. But anyway, here is the programme on IPlayer, it's definitely worth a watch. Depicts the growth of the magnificent machine of GirlBands. Think what you will. And below is Vanilla - No Way No way (manamana) one of the most dreariest 90's songs Ive ever heard. This must of been when Chavs were starting to crack through. Babestation2's finest.

"I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you"

If you wanna have the kind of swagger that will make the girls say OOOoo GIRL HE FWIINE then look no further then this. Az Yet-Last Night is my treasure. It is the epitomy of 90's rnb boy band music.

CHECK1) The amazing matching garms and white suits.
CHECK 2) The swagged out dance routines...who wouldn't want a man that has dance routines with his best friends. Make sure to check all hand movements. Loads of fists being made and brought towards the chest and then push out again to depict the love they hold for you girl.
CHECK 3) The sick cheaply done backgrounds
CHECK 4) The lyrics...."I almost cried you were so beautiful...last night i was inside of you..." fucking hell. And finally
CHECK 5) These men don't exist anymore so don't try it. The closest we have to this now are the kind of guys that say swag and try and convey their feelings by sending you youtubes of Frank Ocean and the Weeknd(works only past 1am).
All thats left of these 90's boyband men are just girls who find this kind of music on youtube and send it to all their girlfriends who share their guilty pleasure and pretend that they think its really funny and cringing when really I'm completely devastated I cant go back to the 90's and be of age to take part in love making with men who were into this weird gay shit.