I'd actually give up meat for life.


Here's a still from the video coming soon for the Illustrated People's new garms. This outfit looked the dopest on Jourdan, gave him a whole kinda Asap vibe; especially with his braces, but the poor thing had to smoke his way through half of his his looks so eye drops were on hand. Get your mitts on this jumper and more real talk real soon. Photographer and videographer found on here; www.joshgreet.co.uk


:40's TO THE GODS:

If you pay too much attention like I do to music videos and American gang culture films like Menace to Society and so on and so on you'll notice the tradition of Libation. It's (as urban dictionary explains) when a bottle of 40's which is of low quality and fairly cheap to buy is drunk by 'gangsters' and will sometimes pour out a little of the beer onto the ground as a sign of respect and remembrance for their dead homies. 
This may seem like a silly little urban tradition but when I looked closer I released; like most slang, this tradition has originated from way back when. Libation is actually a ritual in various ancient cultures such as African, Indian, Chinese and Cuban, where liquid is used as an offering to a god or spirit to pay tribute to the dead and then poured to the ground. 

Gangsters, you well historically enriched people.


I may have poor humour but I just find this so funny. 


Oh it's onnnn. Seeing as I dont have a phone I'm going to carry around a note pad with me and hope by the end of the day it will be full of loads of numbers I've managed to pick up off amazing gay men who want to be my gay friend and brush my gay hair and take me gay dancing and make me feel like a gay pwinceth. 

"I'm in your house no shoes on"

I only live in hope that I can one day be as good as this here Jereme 'Casonva' Rogers doing a lil sum sum on a lil sum sum track. Watch out for his snazzy dance moves too coz they'll get ya. 




Thanks Krilllly. New A$AP MOB - Lord$ Never Worry is out and about. Featuring A$AP members Ferg, Rocky, Ant, Twelvy, and Nast. Guest spots from Raekwon, Gunplay, Danny Brown and more. A whole 18 tracks aswell so this is going to take a while but I'm listening now. ENJOY 


Here are a few behind the scene photo's from the Illustrated People shoot the other day for the soon to be released clothes. And here's their website, www.illustratedpeople.com


con almohadas

It's rude to be nude

Here's the Taiwannese animated news channels version of Prince Harry's naked malarkey. These guys have got some sophisticated and factual ways of conveying the news. Look through their videos, they're always funny.


The new music video to Genesis is out and it's a treat. So many nice scenes and amazing lighting. Outfits are siikkh. Not to mention the chicks riding in that car wielding the weapons and what have you. My kind of imagery that is.
GIRLS ON TOP for sure. 


Doing some hair styling for Illustrated People fashion shoot tomorrow. Expect ghetto 90's revamped hair styles taking over the blog verrryyyy soon...here's some of Thid's treats. One step closer to my Southern Hospitality nail and hair dream salon, yesssss.

Eurasians da bessss

Lesson of today: Crying will always get you treats.



'Im starting to love K Pop a little bit. They go full out on their music videos. Outfits are out of this world quite literally and the settings, dancing, lyrics and beats are all full throttle. Everything is very sparkly and fantastical, and I can imagine young girls and camp men going absolutely nuts for it in their bedrooms and gay clubs (the bedroom is the equivalent to a nightclub to a young child you see)

The girl groups are so girly and sugar filled and the boy bands are overly romantic with perfect hair and dance routines designed to give any female under the age of 12 their first feeling of obsession and probably panic attack shortly after...

 Now not many of the bands are big here or in the US  but daym they are trying. Big Bang who you can see a video of below were the first K-Pop band to make it in the Top 10 ITunes Album in the US.  Here's some of my favorite K-Pop videos below for you to have a look at so you can see what I'm talking about. Especially watch the 3rd one, that'll be your favorite and then read below to see the darker side of the Korean Kpop music industry....

The K-Pop Girl band 

The K-Pop Boy Band 

And the K-Pop Don

PSY after his gangam success was outtes for performing anti-American songs on stage including a song called Kill those fucking Yankees....can't really cover that one up can you. In one of his performances he can be seen destroying a fake US Army tank. This was all in support of South Korea and their political views.Naughty. Since then he has issued an apology saying he will be forever sorry.  
Oh well, everyone's got secret videos in the closet, it's just his were performed on stage so you see where I'm going with this.

But of course as is a standard in the music industry, there's a dark side and it's as dark as soy sauce.

Apparently the Korean pop industry is pretty harsh and demanding of their artists and are known to force young stars into what is called 'slave contracts' because of their long duration and little money. But this isn't even it. Some people in Korea have become so obsessed with K-Pop that haters and obsessives have taken it to the extreme.

Hang Geng, a popular Chinese K-Pop solo artist not only struggled to terminate his long and harsh contract with his record company but also has had various people trying to kill him because of his fame. One fan* gave him a bottle of water which contained sulphuric acid in it. Another gave him a small gift which ended up containing some blood, a knife and a stabbed picture of him.

Other anti KPop acts include:

-Various rapes and assaults committed on female K-pop artists and fans
-Needles and death threats being sent in the post with demands for money
-A man squirted soy sauce and vinegar into the eye of Eunhye from Baby Vox
(I love soy sauce and vinegar, why would you ever waste it?)
-Various poisonous foods and good being sent to fans
But the funniest of them all that I found is, anti K-Pop fans tried to develop a plan to kick Han Geng out of Korea because he was stealing native Korean stars  'bowl of rice.'

Poor Han Geng

So if your serious about making it big in the K-Pop world then you better get some life insurance and the best security rice can buy because it's a deadly game out there.


Look at this amazing retro Star Wars toy for your kids! How amazing and fun does this look, especially the space ship bit at the bottom and it even features an electronic console at the top in the watch tower. This is all very amazing and everything but the main thing that springs to my mind is the abnormally large dog on the right. Go away big dog.

Get out of the kitchen, I don't care if it's yours

Cutting bread and pizza, cutting onions and veg, cutting my meat, GET THE F OUT OF THE KITCHEN, cutting garlic and poking you to see if your dead...and in that order

Dirty Gel Pens

So I was mood boarding for a shoot next week and looking through all kinds of ghetto fabulous when I found this. It's the most revamped 90's video I've come across in a while. Reminds me of the smell of the grape gel pens form back. 

This is Count Mack ft Brooke Candy called Theme Music. I dont know if it's a joke, it probably isnt. But it's like I was saying before about females; any colour, trying to rap. You dont have to be good to get noticed anymore you just have to wow them with how eccentric you are. Directed by Alex2Tone from www.whatyousteal.com, it's got all the themes and colours I dream in.



Studio BOYO is a London street casting, graphic design and art direction agency founded by Patrick Waugh and Joel Bough. Studio BOYO specialises in hot boys with a difference.


Obviously not as bug budget as some of his past videos but it's got pretty girls, British cars and plenty o purple in it so I'm all good.

If the Spice Girls play at tonights Olympic closing ceremony
 my life will fill a little bit closer to completion.

Albert Einstein chilling

Chinkano no.2

All this heat is bringin the old school Mutya Buena out of Thid. 
This song sounds like old Sugababes and Im glad their getting back together again. Listen to this and you'll see what I mean.