Jeff Wall

A ventriloquist at a birthday party in October 1947 1990

After 'Invisible Man' by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue 1999–2000

Ralph Ellison's 1952 novel Invisible Man centres on a black man who, during a street riot, falls into a forgotten room in the cellar of a large apartment building in New York and decides to stay there, living hidden away.
Forgive me Father, for I know not what I do

Loose Lullaby

I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls
with vassals and serfs at my side

Shark attacks are like marmite
The townfolks walked away from the abandoned gypsy campsite, their pants damp and stained with the color of blood. They hadn't welcomed the gypsies with open arms and the gypsies, even in the 1820s, had powers beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. The gypsies were told to leave what would later become Crown Point because townspeople had heard tales of pagan rituals and disappearing livestock. When an influenza epidemic hit the gypsy campsite southeast of town, the townspeople refused to help or provide medicine to the gypsies, many of whom died and were buried in earthen mounds near the campsite. Because of that, the townspeople and their descendants would forever pay a price for their inhospitable attitude -- the gypsies had cursed the city and their dead haunted what would later become South East Grove Cemetery.

"There ain't no gypsy graveyard around here" said Ronnie Breneman

Death Scenes by Sean Tejaratchi

Memoirs of a rude gyal geisha
"If you wanna fuck multiple organisms, make it known"
A Shark


Anyone that is into their old school hip hop HAS to watch Notorious. It depicts Bigs life growing up from rags to riches and of course his death. Diddy and Faith Evans helped direct the film so they've really got it spot on. Apparently after watching the film Lil Kim went on a rant saying that the actress that played her was too dark skinned and didnt portray her relationship with Biggy to be as serious as it actually was. Controversial. I love the film and thank you to JRose for making me watch it. You'll love Fay Fay too. WATCH IT


I Loves You All
Standard breakfast

New Frank Ocean video:Swim Good:

Maybe I'm just like my mother,
She's never satisfied
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While I'm far away from you my baby,
I know it's hard for you my baby,
Because it's hard for me my baby,
And the darkest is just before dawn



But nobody knows you like I do
Cause the world they don't understand
The Consequence
Ophelia is drowning,
And she is not afraid,
She thinks death quite romantic
At 20 she is already an old maid.
Champagne kisses hold me in your lap of luxury
I only want to fly first class desires, you're my limousine
So elegant the way we ride, our passion it just multiplies
There's platinum lightning in the sky

"You’ll be down in earth quicker if you diss me tonight But I’ll be the happiest if you decide to kick it tonight"

(golden rubbers in these denim pockets)
One, two, you’re the girl that I want
Three, four, five, six, seven, shit
Eight is the bullets if you say no after all this
And I just couldn't take it, you’re so motherfuckin’ gorgeous
Fern Angel Beattie, a many layered Gâteau


Before she met me she took herself to wait five years
After I met her, her teacher said "Best wait five years."
I ask my neighbours, they said it's wise to wait five years...

I left my girl back home
I don't love her no more
And she'll never fucking know that
These fucking eyes that I'm staring at
Let me see that ass
Look at all this cash
And I emptied out my cards to her
Now I'm fucking leaning on that

Image by Anna-Lina Balke

-Maybe she's thinking about someone.
-Somebody on the picture?
- No.Rather a young man she saw some place else,
she feels like they're the same, the two of them.

-Amélie suddenly feels in perfect harmony with herself.
everything's perfect: the softness of the light,
that little scent in the air, the peaceful sounds of the city .
Life seems so simple and crystal-clear that she's swept
by this desire to help the all mankind.


Ab Fab is coming back! 3 episodes are going to be released later in the year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show. Special guests such as Stella McCartney are also featured. Set to be aired around the build up to Kissmas.
I cannae wait!
"I am, your mother, poised for your first sexual experience and night after night, dry bloody sheets! I'm sorry, darling, but I don't want a little moustached virgin for a daughter, so do something about it!"

We all come out to play

SGP '11
"Alright sugar tits?"