It's the small things in life that make it right? When it's not my birthday or Christmas I'm generally poor which means I can't go anywhere. It sucks not being able to go abroad when you see all these status's about how sick Ibiza '13 was and how cool the minimal house is scene is on the Gold Coast. But I've found a way you can see everywhere whenever you want. Yes this is the epitome of 'forever alone' but it's pretty snazzy no?
I give you MapCrunch. The site that randomly takes you to anywhere in world via Google Street View. Just click go and it'll show you all the beautiful places in the world that you're 96.3% likely not to ever see in real life. You can also have the option to see inside of places which is really cool and other options such as 'tour' give you the 360 view so you really feel like your not really there. It's a pretty good time waster but is generally interesting in if your curious about the street plans in Poland. I for one, am loving this site. I once spent half an hour walking around the streets of Brooklyn (on Google Street View) trying to get to the Brooklyn Bridge so I felt closer to B.I.G..
Here's some odd images from Google Street View.

I'm so glad they didn't have these cars going around at Carnival this year.


Job well done I'd say


I've just come across this weird product entitled the Brazillian Back. It's a disposable top for men who wish to rid the hair on the back aka their angel wings in one fair swing. Put this top on for 7 minutes and you'll end up feeling like Billy Elliot by the end of it.

Check the video below featuring the guy who looks a bit less than willing to have his native hairs burnt off to see how it works. Essentially this is just a bath matt with some hair removal cream. If you want the Al Raz version of this I'll charge you £2. In fact, I'll do it for you for the lols.


Photographer Ashkan Honarvar's series of portraits with ice cream.


New music video featuring Leftside, GTA, Leftside, Razz and Biggy featuring all the bootylicious things that you'd expect. Oh and Lil Debby in the video but meh.


Americans always be taking things too far. Despite the tragic end of Walter White from Breaking Bad, we must remember that he isn't real. No feelings were hurt and no meth was actually less that 96%, so it's cool. But as is tradition, some crazies have created a real grave site with tomb stone in a fully functioning graveyard, there was even a funeral. 

The event which was actually for charity, raised over $17,000 and a huge procession of people that came to watch the ceremony and check out the gravestone made local Albuquerque residents with close ones buried at the courtyard feel pretty pissed off at the lack of respect to the actual people laid to rest in the area. However; this is only a temporary spot and should be taken down soon. 

ALSO If your an avid fan of BB like the crazies above Friend n' Foe are today going to release a limited edition tee featuring the method man himself. They're on pre-sale now for just £19.99 which makes a great Christmas present for your nan or future father in law. Keep your eyes out this afternoon as they're going to go out in the next few hours.


The novelty of old people using slang wore off a long time ago but recent events tell me that it's not over just yet. Here's a clip of Dolly Parton rapping on the Queen Latifah talk show. Although I'm a fan of Partons old music I have to say mutton and lamb do come to mind. She looks a bit like a withered sheep whose been fed loads of stuff and made to perform like she's dancing for her dinner. Watch her rap diss on Latifah and god daughter Miley Cyrus below. £10 says she'll be signed to Cash Money by the end of the month.


Using data from the Social Security AdministrationJezebel has put together a series of color-coded maps that show the most popular baby names for girls for each state from 1960 to 2012. 


Justin Biebers new song All That Matters is so good and I don't care what you do to me. It's undeniable. Yeah he's a little shit but this ticks all the right boxes for me when I search for the perfect RnB. Here's the video that was leaked on World Star last week. It's him dancing around on my Great Wall of China like a complete a hole. An a hole I love.

I need.


Every time we do an article on dating websites, they get weird and weirder. This time round we've got probably the weirdest dating website I'll probably ever experience. GhostSingles.com (Don't Haunt Alone) is a site for people beyond the grave who want to meet single sexy ghosts in their area.

It's 100% free, which is handy, although and at the bottom I noticed below a note stating that there have been no successful marriages formed due to ghostsingles.com. I guess this is just to cover their asses in case you had high expectations of meeting your baby daddy on this site. I clicked on the top right to join the live chat room:

Guest164: Anybody here know how to possess somebody?
aghastman: Ghosts cant possess peopel you noob

All of a sudden my screen was full of screaming gifs and dead people, I got disconnected and kicked out of the chat-room. I was shit scared because I totally believed it because I have a weak mind and moreover; I wanted to. I refreshed and logged back in again to receive hoards of abuse from the 'ghosts' telling me to fuck off etc. I also got a more polite personal message from another member asking me how long I'd been dead which was nice.

I think I'll be frequenting Ghostsingles a lot more, especially when I'm drunk and alone.


Need a new watering hole? Well this web app has the fucking answers. Where the fuck should I for drinks? Allows you to locate the area you wish to get boozey in, then lists you a whole load of possibilities; mixed in with some cuss words. You can choose whether you dig it or not and the site will find your next available spot.  
One of the bonuses of this unnecessarily fouled mouthed app is that its able to locate drinking places pretty much anywhere in the world, which is pretty handy if you plan to drink in new territory. Much cooler then using your Google maps or spidey senses.


The short animation 5 Things You Didn't Know About Tyler The Creator recently appeared on YouTube. Designed by cyber famous Henry The Worst, it depicts a short series of little secret things Tyler features in his day to day life, like threatening kids when their parents aren't watching: standard. They need to make more of these so I can find out people's secrets. 


I don't know about you but I fucking love colouring in. It's surprisingly therapeutic and I'm at the age now where colouring over the lines doesn't result in an anxiety attack. But fuck all that paint by numbers, Rolf Harris B.S because we found the 'hottest colouring book in the game.' So what's better than a colouring book fused together with hip hop? Nothing that's what. 

Bun B the US rapper from rap due Underground Kingz has just released his colouring book entitled Bun B's Rap Colouring And Activities Book. Featured inside is all our faves including Biggie & 2Pac, Kendrick Lemar, Drake, The Game, Minaj, Tyler The Creator, Juicy J and Ice Cube. All these and more are featured in the book for your own scribbling desire. The book is available on Amazon from £5.75 and you can also find copies on Ebay which potentially could be even cheaper, your welcome.

As soon as I heard about this book I copped mine which should be with me tomorrow so apologies if I go quiet for a while. I know it's sad but I'm genuinely excited about this. There's so many activities to do and cool things I'm going to colour in. I'm going to go to thw shop and buy some pencils from Tiger especially for it. The perfect Christmas present for art students and immature people. 


I'm cooler now

I've got an iPhone now which means I'm cooler and better than I was before. 
My instagram is @alicerazack
My snapchat is Alraz

In particular add me on snapchat coz I love receiving weird pictures from people in the middle of the night. It makes me feel safe. 

A police man once stopped Luke and I at the station because he was drinking a beer in public. Instead of conviscating it and throwing it away he gave Luke ten seconds to drink the whole thing before he took it off of him. Well done Mr Police Man, you just gave a seventeen year old a drinking challenge which was both enjoyable and got him more drunk. You rocked.


Here’s the video for James Blake's  Life Round Here remix ft Chance The Rapper. This is a great video set in the beautiful British countryside. This is def my favourite video and album of the year so far. If you haven’t, go and download James Blake’s Overgrown album which was released in April because it was a right treat.


When I die, before you bury me inside the Gucci store, I need someone to play this. I'm not joking


Everyone is either a giver or a taker. I think it's safe to say a majority of us have been both the suppliers and the recipients when it comes to noise pollution. I've been that dickhead in the student house with a sound system just as expensive as my life, booming it out on my 21st without the neighbours complaining because there's 12 of them and they definitely aren't supposed to be living here. I've also been the ultimate party pooper who (so embarrassingly) has called the 'noise police' because I was too ashamed to go downstairs and spoil my 30 something neighbours party of 80's revivals at 10 in the morning. 

However, there are some great neighbours in the world who have managed to channel their demonic anger into passive-aggressive sarcasm in the form of a letter. Here are some hilarious letters that neighbours have written to their fellow Ned Flanderers. Click to big.