Every time we do an article on dating websites, they get weird and weirder. This time round we've got probably the weirdest dating website I'll probably ever experience. GhostSingles.com (Don't Haunt Alone) is a site for people beyond the grave who want to meet single sexy ghosts in their area.

It's 100% free, which is handy, although and at the bottom I noticed below a note stating that there have been no successful marriages formed due to ghostsingles.com. I guess this is just to cover their asses in case you had high expectations of meeting your baby daddy on this site. I clicked on the top right to join the live chat room:

Guest164: Anybody here know how to possess somebody?
aghastman: Ghosts cant possess peopel you noob

All of a sudden my screen was full of screaming gifs and dead people, I got disconnected and kicked out of the chat-room. I was shit scared because I totally believed it because I have a weak mind and moreover; I wanted to. I refreshed and logged back in again to receive hoards of abuse from the 'ghosts' telling me to fuck off etc. I also got a more polite personal message from another member asking me how long I'd been dead which was nice.

I think I'll be frequenting Ghostsingles a lot more, especially when I'm drunk and alone.