US Rap videos may blow my tiny cyber mind but they aint shit when it comes to Korean Rap/Pop videos. They are insane and clearly have a ridiculous budget that creates styles that white trash dreams are made of. It's like they've enlisted the 5 most camp it up fabulous gay men stylists in the world and let them all have a go at the same time. And I'm pretty sure this is the first time a rap video has also featured a bear...and a baby tiger, that's just madness. Yeah it might be a bit over le top but like Luther Vandross said "..never too much never too much." Weezy f baby's got nothing on G-DRAGON except a slightly better name. You cant deny this video isn't amazing and the song/rapping isn't too shabby either righhht?
 I wish I was attracted to oriental boys, but I'm not at all.