In this world you usually get more of one or the other. Ass and tt's.
My best friend certainly has one, and I'm pretty certain I gots the other. But have you got a box gap doe? I was looking through pictures on tumblr of girls ass's (in the standard way girls look at pictures of other girls ass's) and kept seeing the word 'box gap.' 

After my independent and scientific research I found out the box gap was the gap under the bum in-between the legs. Now this for me is not a symbol of being sexy* but a good way to tell if said ass is in shape. I cant stop thinking about box gaps now and many a mirror has been used and abused to confirm my box. 
HOWEVER, in box world, the bigger the better so I'm about to go ham with the 20 Day Squat Challenge.

Squats help tone all your body but in particular your a$$, thighs and hips and are also good for your cardio.  The Squat Challenge is typically a 30 day challenge  from day 1 starting with 30 squats and day 30 ending in 300 squats. Now I'm not going to kid myself or anyone that I would ever be able to do that. My self-discipline is shocking and I get easily distracted by the color purple, flashing lights and anything else...So I'm going to do the 20 day challenge. Every day I'm going to do ten more squats than the day before adding 4 rest days in between equally in around 200 squats on day 20. 

By the end of this my box better look more like a moving house box than a jewelry box. And I also suggest if you join me, doing it along to the sounds of Nas - The Don. Wish me luck and no I will not be posting a picture of said ass at the end. I can draw you it though. 

(I just realised I haven't included a picture of box gap, but instead here's a video of a lady twerking by the cakes in a Walmart; it's really funny.)

 *it is