Purple Dingaling:Spray on Rubbers:

What the hell there's actually spray on condoms. As if scientists have been bumming around spraying each others pieces with god knows. Anyway who's supposed to spray it too?! Him or her?? Both holding hands? So many questions so little answers. Invented by German Jan Vinzenz Krause(google image the creep) of the Institute for Condom Consultancy ha.
The idea was inspired by a car wash..The idea is that the ting* is inserted into a chamber where nozzles loudly apply a coat of fast(slow) drying liquid latex. This immediately sounds like such fun. Imagine all the things you could put in there, your fingers to make little cute latex finger gloves, sausages, pencils, bare things.

The process apparently takes 1 minute. Now Im no expert (^^^) but I'm pretty sure 1 minute is enough time to be a bit put out, put your clothes back on and make a ham sandwich riiighht? 1 minute?? two two's? Or am I just easily distracted? Anyway, this is a real thing and I was only looking it up because some of my friends think the word 'spray' is a decent slang word for 'sexy'. Which it isnt. They're just saying spray and making no sense.