Would you rather be healthy and poor or ill and rich?
Most of you would probably say healthy and poor because your not in need of money or overly materialistic. WELL I'D RATHER BE ILL AND RICH. At least I'd get to moan all the time and shower myself in gifts for me righhhhh. To be fair, either way I'd be complaining like a B, I'd just look better complaining if I was ill coz Id have nice make up and ish to cover it all up.. ANYWAY..today I learnt about this thing called Flu Camp.


Flu Camp is a scientific organisation. What they do is conduct clinical studies on the public and pay them for it. In this case, what these guys are offering in exchange for advances in science is your time and body to get ill for a while in exchange for dinero. After a successful blood test and sign up what they will do is firstly give you the illness, this can be the cold, flu or influenza etc via nasal spray, injection, pill etc. They then put you and the other iller$ up in a hotel in which you have to stay and not leave for about 14 days. You might not even necessarily get ill. In this time they will observe you and take down any recordings.

You can get paid up to...wait for it.... £3000 for this! It does all sound very odd those doesn't it. It is a lot of money and your helping science but at the same time it reminds me of how zombies are going to start out & the thought of having to be alone in a hotel room for a fortnight, ill, with minimal contact with humans does sound a bit lonely, but awesome if I wanna take some time out and listen to the Weeknd for a fortnight....interesting.. www.flucamp.com. Personally I'd rather just do sexchat and get the whole thing over with.