Transfers are cool IDGAF. 
Next time I'm at the pier I'm going to cop so many I'll look like a cheap colouring book.


With exception of the last video below featuring The Weeknd and Juicy, I'd say The Weeknds videos overall since The Knowing have had a pattern of all being somewhat disappointing. This is a good video with good Tokyo visuals but if you really love Weeknds music then I know you'll agree.
I know I've said this before but seruzly. He needs to get Mikael Colombu back on board again.



The long awaited short film has today been released by London's very special Last Night in Paris. The film is a compilation of Roses featuring all the tracks accompanied by the stunning visuals of Paris's strange and beautiful underworld featuring all of the Paris crew along with the unstoppable Danny Seth and his men and a harem of long haired enchanting females that lead you through the video; also yours truly!
 Sit back and relax to this and leave up to them.
Paris is going to be big.


Spring may have passed but that wont stop me from praising these works by Givenchy for the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of British GQ Style. Photographed by Matthew Stone. In next post also features snap shots also done for the same issue of GQ featuring good clean close ups of some of my favorites. Miguel, Brooke Candy, Mykki Blanco and A$ap Rocky. 
Still on the Blanco hype clearly.



I've been sitting on this one like a golden cyber egg for some time now because I've been building up the momentum to blog about him in all his glory and give it the justice it needs.


New York risen rapper, artist and poet who is one of a kind and gives a show like no other around today. His online presence is already all over the gaff with red carpet fame on the tumblrsphere and even his own wiki. His music videos have all the weird and wonderful from dreams and the beats are spooky sick too with some sounding like 90's/millennium timbaland/missy tracks and others with the sound of more trappy, asapy,  New York sounding styles from today. 

 Every music video is done to perfection with amazing style and sick concepts. 
There's so many videos to choose from to show you but here's the one I was shown first which is Kingpinnin produced by Brenmar, 
OH MY DAYS IT'S SO  GOOD and you better watch closely...

Now if you haven't realized by now Mykki has a USP. Mykki is the first of the transvestite/transsexual what ever you'd like to label it rappers. He has his own alter-ego in the shape of his 24 year old female side who also features on a majority of the songs. It gives him completely different sides. We have the gangster thugged out Mykki with all the stereotypical gangster looking arm movements and then we have the flirtatious and diva movements of his female self. I guess he's one of those hate or love him kind of artists but if you hate him you've probably more likely to have issues with yourself than him really.

Below is his most recently released mixtape entitled Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape has been produced by such producers like Flosstradamus and Brenmar and is a whole range of creepy ghetto glorious.


Came across this guy called Hucci who just so happend to be from the B. 17 years old but still somehow would probably be once of the best sets if I were to hear it in a club. If you like trap and you like rap then have a listen to his 1xtra mix below. 

Whenever I see little manga characters pop up in gangster images I cant help but chuckle and think it's similar to what I look like when I surround myself in gangsters.
Pretty jokes basically.

I dont know why but I find this absolutely hilarious


Whatever song this girl was originally danced to needs to be forgotten and replaced eternally with this. I've never seen a song fit so well. You go 80's white girl, you go and get them shag bands.

There's nothing worse than a back seat candy crush player.


Just stumbled across a really unique set of portraits of abandoned dogs entitled Nice to meet you by British photographer Martin Usborne. Images were either shot through a smoke screen, window or a wet cloth. Wet cloth + wet dog cannot be a good smell at all. 



It did dawn on me the other day that I hadnt seen a good ol Die Antwoord video for a long time and low and behold his a fresh one right off the boat. Yo-Landi Vi$$er's Cookie Thumper does all the right Zef things and  is exactly what you'd expect it to do. Quiet a tune aswell. Not as hot as she used to be but maybe it's just the make-up. Anyway who am I to judge.


I'm going to label it perhaps a bit too early but this is definitely one of the best music videos you'll see this year. Definitely in my top 5. Quality is amazing and everything looks pretty slick. If your a lover of music, art or fashion then you'll appreciate this I'm sure of it.  Oh and if that's too broad for you, if you're a lover of a peachy ass, heavy artillery and heavy techno beats then you'll also appreciate this. CAPOW enjoy.

#Handling business

You could never tell by looking at this picture that this guy has the highest score on Candy Crush out of all the people I know that play it.  Taking into consideration I have a lot of Asian gaming friends and family too. He's also found the way to candy enlightenment and manged to become 'immortal' in that he has ever lasting candy lives. How someone runs a successful business and still finds time to crush candy I'll never know.


It appears Aluna George has re-made the video to her one of her first popular songs. Personally, I quiet liked the original video with the floppy dancing and all the Thandi Newton lookalikes but there's nothing wrong with an artist reworking their stuff if to perfect their art. With lots of overly hipster looking people crammed into one empty pool, it's reminiscent of an East London fashion shoot for a East London magazine by some East London fashion students. All the styling is pretty cool though I cant lie and I never realised she was so tall. She's a bit like a British Ciara.


This is the funniest video I've seen this year hands down. It's all the kind of humor that tickles me pink. You cant watch this and say you did rofl once. If you didn't then your square man and probably know nothing of life and chicken. Your heart is probably made of vegan cardboard and your favorite program is Spring Watch. 


Bit late but better late than never righhhhhh. Here's Drakes video for No New Friends. Now when Drakes gone 90's you know the whole hype has reached it's Mount Everest peak which means the only way is down. WELL BYE THEN YOU CAN LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE. Think I'll indulge in 90's for a little while longer. Especially now I've finally found those 90's hologram glasses. Nope I'll just sit on my blow up purple plastic sofa with my lava lamp wearing jelly shoes and hair mascara  till it's time for mother/wifeyhood. Sorry, enjoy the video.


As you may know Dope Chef died a groovy kind of psychedelic death the other day and has now risen from the ashes like a bandanna print Phoenix with it's brand new collection. The resurrection has been initiated and boy it looks bad boy. The new pieces look like something out of The Warriors which will always be welcome in my world. Check out the new collection below and get ready for it's release on the 30th June.


Do you like Vice but sometimes wish they'd just stop being such pretentious dicks? Yeah me too. I may have already dipped my toe into the world of working for Vice but once I realised the water was full of shit I quickly took the baby out. I'm not slating Vice's interesting reads about sub cultures, just everything else.
 However, Your Freinds House is a site that fills all those nessesary requirements without you having a twisted hate for the writers behind it. These guys arent telling you that Diadora. is the new Versace and that its now 'cool' to carry round cuddly toys in clubs and sit on the floor in restaurants No. This is a Ozzie platform which is full of the weird and wonderful for anyone who enjoys lifes weird experiences and the things that sometimes go a miss.

If you havent checked it out already YFH is a site full of controversial and interesting reads, music and culture. There are so many good reads on here and a great place to find out about new music. They have just released a promo video so you can see the guys behind the site and also how Ozzie Grace's accent has not become. Run by a few nutters; my G-race Bullen is a big contributor now and helps run the game. 

So have a browse and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy.


Young drunk midget doing 90 on the freeway, you go lil ghetto midget, you can break those cuffs.