Do you like Vice but sometimes wish they'd just stop being such pretentious dicks? Yeah me too. I may have already dipped my toe into the world of working for Vice but once I realised the water was full of shit I quickly took the baby out. I'm not slating Vice's interesting reads about sub cultures, just everything else.
 However, Your Freinds House is a site that fills all those nessesary requirements without you having a twisted hate for the writers behind it. These guys arent telling you that Diadora. is the new Versace and that its now 'cool' to carry round cuddly toys in clubs and sit on the floor in restaurants No. This is a Ozzie platform which is full of the weird and wonderful for anyone who enjoys lifes weird experiences and the things that sometimes go a miss.

If you havent checked it out already YFH is a site full of controversial and interesting reads, music and culture. There are so many good reads on here and a great place to find out about new music. They have just released a promo video so you can see the guys behind the site and also how Ozzie Grace's accent has not become. Run by a few nutters; my G-race Bullen is a big contributor now and helps run the game. 

So have a browse and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy.