A little attitude problem all good it'll make the shit last


Matthew Woodson the illustrator is a boss dogg and his craft. His art work is just too good. With that GTA style that reminds me of the freshness from San Andreas and also reminiscent of old comic books I've been shown such as The Walking Dead illustrations by Charlie Adlard and other zombie affiliated comics books. It's also got an element of some Studio Gibley styles in it too. His illustrations completely vary, some are sexy sexy and thugged out, and others are political and documentative. He's done it all and has worked for many different types of brands making his artwork completely diverse. If I could be an illustration, this is how I'd like to turn out. Take a look at some of his work below www.ghostco.org


This is what my life looks like in my head just with a bit more dark stuff and weird 90's rap music. If my life was an image, this would definitely be in the top 5. I want that mint bunny.
mmmm dreamy


Hoe my days it's the new music video from home boy. This is Audio Doughnuts's Onoe Catponoe and his new music video to Donnie Darkonoe. This is; in my opinion the best video that he's done fo shaw. Featuring is Onoe's alter ego Jim which is sure to make many more appearances throughout the E.P dropping so very soon.

Anyway enjoy it and revel it and talk about how good it is bla boa blah. And if you reallllllly reallly like him, like wanna touch him and stuff then go down to the Eastender this weekend in....East London to see him and the whole Funk Mafi school. I didn't explain that well at all so yeah here's the event on the Audio Doughnuts page: www.facebook.com/AudiodOughnuts


Here is the brand new music video from Brighton's and Ibiza's very own Dahli. Filmed in Ibiza with some hot females alongside Dahli's cockiness and confidence in his bars is always sure to come out dope. Styling and videorgraphy is sick too. Watch out for him because he's on the rise and follow more of his ish over here on the faceyb and twitter: @SalvadorDahli


So here is the Autumn:Winter collection teaser trailer for Illustrated People that I worked on a while back in the heart of East Londons finest. Shot by Josh Greet and Bradley Bell they've done a wicked job. Watch out for the clothes to go on sale very soon.
Check out:

Rest in Peace Cappy x

Rest in Peace Mr.Cappy. You'll be missed so much and never forgotten for all your kindness, fun and spirit. Always in our hearts. xxxxxxxx


So good, so good now shoot Pink Matter and let me help.
Although this video; direted by Naibl the genuis is really real real good, I always pictured it to be better in my head. No offence. 

Flying lotus remix of Frank Ocean:Binge eating without you


I'm not a businessman,
 I'm a business man
 Let me handle my business damn 

Photographic g. by www.theninjapig.tumblr.com

Flying Lotus:Until the Quite Comes:Trailer:

Here is the premier to the short film called Until The Quiet Comes directed by Khalil Joseph featuring music from Flying Lotus's new album which also features the likes of Erykah Badu and Niki Randa. Some amazing cinematography and dance in this and the camera quality is 100%. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into this so camera/dance/music lovers of any kind will really appreciate this. Releases in full at the beginning of October but appreciate this for now.


Now for a very long over due post on GHOST RIDING. Yeah that right 'ghost riding the whip' is not a  new thing but it's still becoming increasingly popular here in the west.  For people that dont know it's simply when one exits their automobile whilst moving and dances around it. Sounds irresponsible? Yeah it is but dont judge because people of all ages do it. Just type ghost riding into youtube and you see all sorts, marines ghsotriding the MRAP, old granny ghostriding her yellow brick of a car and so on and so on...Here's a trailer to a film documentary done on Ghost Riding.

 It started in the Bay Area in San Fran but grew in Oakland where it is apparently common to see this happening on the regs. The tune Tell me when to go by E-40 is also one of the roots to ghost riding popularity as there is all kinds of fresh madness ghost wippin riding going on in the video. (see below) All in all I think ghost riding is pretty good as long as it's done out of choice, the car is jokes and if it's got a badass soundtrack to it...Oh and if it's done responsible of course but how responsible can letting your moving car go along a road by itself while slut dropping and booty shaking around it really get. thug it. 

“Maybe I’d thrive off the hurt of a man, but not a little girl” you said. Well if you didn’t mean any harm then I am a peach. And if you’re straight then let’s get this straight too: you are the little girl, and I wanted to give you back all that love you didn’t feel. It’s not fair that you had to make your own eye twinkle.