I think it's around about that time to pay tribute to the most amazing period for boy band music videos. This time it's more the late 90's and 2000's times. I mean just look. Below is the video to Walked Outta Heaven which I think has been heavily overlook by people my age because we might not of had access to the music channel yet. This video is dope! Of course yeah it depicts probably the most reckless driving I've seen in a while but dayyym it looks cool. No other boy band could get away with sitting on the bonnet of a car singing while it's going 60mph down the lonely highway, asking God to please forgive me. 
Anyway some deep ish right here. 

I like this and I get this. Checan's old school garage remix of I just want it to be over originally by Keyshia Cole.


Welcome to Paradise City. 
This is my cyber haven where I go when Tumblr swallows me up and I go into a dream sequence. I love this place. Rent is so cheap and the sounds of  Lipps INC - Funky Town & Grimes's album are on constant repeat but in a good way. Listen to it above whilst looking at these and you'll completely get what I'm conveying. 

 The air would smell like those grape scented purple gel pens* and those hot donuts you get at the Pier or Thorpe Park are always to hand. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to live in a place like this. I'm not joking.
I hope I dream in purple 2D tonight.




I own this candle. 

To Paul love Alice

Don't say I don't spoil you.


One of favourite pictures of my London.
 I love the BT Tower, it's my main beacon to home.


Half of me wants to meet 2 Chainz'z stylist and shake their hand for being so daring and kooky.
The other half of me wants to shake their hand with sweaty palm followed by a French slap round the chops.

And you probably think I'm talking about the hideous Leopard print everything. Well I am but look at the shoes. Nooooooo. The girls hair styles near the end though are a bit of me though.

2 Chainz my garish friend, you may have beats and make me get wild in da club but you certainly do not have good taste in clothes, choosing interior of boats or cushions. 


Ohhhhh ASAP's peaking.
 As if I've been hearing his album on repeat for the last 4 days, Ladd insists on playing the new album in any given silence. And there's a lot of silence now that Word Mole is up in my life. Mole gets me better. My existence shortly became a soundtrack featuring Asap and Skrillex ft Word Mole and I think I forgot my skin tone for a while. (gold)
 But anyway, here's the new video to Long Live ASAP and it's good; despite being the clean version. There's even kittens in it. No but seriously it's really good and depicts Asap Rocky looking God-like on the bandanna throne. 
Santa even gets a shout out too. 

:21/12/12: 24 HOURS OF ANXIETY:

Merry Christmas, glad we're not dead. 
I'm not going to play it down, I checked the skies numerous times throughout the day expecting to see a great ball of fire flying towards me. Went to see a firework display on the sea front to watch kids burn clocks (don't ask it's a Brighton thing) and couldn't help but think it was a diversion to cover the sky and distract on-lookers while the ball of death fire soared down behind us. Yes this is the kind of  paranoid life I lead.


Check this baby out. If your into ceramics, patterns, incense and fucking guns then you'll like this. Unlike the porcelain guns I posted earlier on in my blog this one actually has a function. It's a incense holder. How cool it that! That would look beautiful in my home. So if you want one of these and you've got £175 spare then why not buy one of these so you can be one step closer to being the Ceramic Don.


"Come and play with us"
by Fab Ciraolo

Dogs aint nutting but hoes and tricks

This dog is definitely too big for this board. 
Stupid dog.


Well I cant avoid talking about it any longer' we're all going to die. Every day in the last couple of weeks, just as I'm getting comfy and all naive someone reminds me that we're going to die on Friday. This is a picture that my house mate sent me last night:

So yeah if like me your paronoid and your friends are sick and twisted then take it as a pleasant warning of OH MY GOD I BETTER GET MY SHIT READY COZ IT'S GOING DOWN THIS FRIDAY. 
I'm not sure how but I'm guessing it's going to be one of these three things:

1- Fish are going to take over and the sea is going to turn inside out. I don't trust them and their eyes, they're too quite and stink.

2- Zombie Nation. This neurovirus that's being going around is going to separate the zombinies from the real. Now my bf and his brother have had it but I haven't which means that they're not going to be of any help so I better get out  their house now while I can. I wont survive anyway but if anyone needs me, I'll be at the Marina in Brighton, bring guns. Mines a Beretta. 

3- A meteor is going to hit us and it's going to be a very stressful situation for everyone that I for one can reallllllly not be bothered with right now. Take Victoria station on a Friday 5pm and then times it by 1. Yeah shit's going down. 

4- Nothing happens but some stupid American does something stupid in the heat of the moment and I look a bit silly but not really. 

So yeah that's it really. I've got it all out now for today. Nothing more to say. Plenty more to say but not now, later. Here's a picture Fern sent me as another nice reminder:


This is the cover and music video of Wicked Games originally by The Weeknd covered by The Special K's. Made by the Ninja Pig and assistant directed by me.
 Without being too biased this is probably the best cover I've heard of any of the Weeknd songs easy. ENJOY


click to bigger

I think this is close to what it would look like if I was to ever take a trip to Compton. 

I have been looking for these kind of 3d glasses for so long. If anyone knows what they're called or where to buy some please do holler a.y.g.


Illustrated People has now launched their very own Soundcloud so you can now hear what all the hype is about as well. We looked all over the UK and kidnapped the best of the disc jockey bunch in the UK and held them all at gun point to make a mix for us. Joking they wanted to do it. But every week we shall be presenting a new DJ with their very own unique mix which contributes to a colourful plefora of sounds on the IP Soundcloud. 

This week we present The D.A and his 2012 Trap music mix including track listing for all you special music heads. If like me, you didn't exactly understand what Trap music was, well now you know. Now. you. know. 

This is the perfect set for pre-drinks or if your having a little shoobz at yours and you don't mind people standing on your couch with shoes on.  But perhaps not because this mix is guaranteed to be better than the set you're going to hear by some DJ in some nightclub on some random night. Unless it is your going to a night where The D.A. was DJing. We just want you to have a good night as all.

More of The D.A here: www.soundcloud.com/thedauk



Ever since I understood what it meant, I’ve always wanted to be in love.
 I yearn for a feeling of overwhelming joy simply from a thought of that one person that was meant for me. To receive warmth from but a smile and ecstasy from a kiss. To find that one perfect soul, and wonder how I survived all these years bereft of their presence, and without the joyous feeling of our love. To stare into someone’s eyes speechless, without a sound, without a care, without a worry, without fear, doubt or grievance, and to know that never without her could the world seem so pure and so perfect. 
I live only to find that one girl I’d risk the naked vulnerability of love, in hope to find sanctuary in her arms and beauty in her heart. 
If I had to travel across the world to find her I’d do it without hesitation. If it took me so long that my mind began to wilt, and my body falter, so be it; my ills would be healed simply from her touch. If I spend my entire life searching for love, only to find it at my very last moment on this Earth, it would still be my happiest moment of all, because I would have shared it with her. 
My one. 

 But then I think, fuck it. It’s almost December 21st. The world is about to end. Might as well just wank into a sock then watch The Office to see what all the fuss was about before my life is cut short by some half-assed calendar manufacturing. 
Fucking Mayan pricks.

Huf Plantlife Socks £12 by the way.

Article found on www.yourfriendshouse.com by Christian Eva.


What the bloody hell is this and why has it just caved in a fraction of my mind. I don't completely understand what I've just seen but I do know that I'm definitely liking it. I feel like someone has logged into my brain and found all the weird, freaky things that I like and then combined them into some weird cyber 90's fake but not fake at all music video. If you like the images of my tumblr or you're a fan of the 90's and just weird things in general then look no further. Recently I've also really taken a liking in cyber sim girls. I have no idea why. They're just foxy and nostalgic. In fact I'll add one above so you know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway:


Serious Thugs are also tied in with the likes of Brooke Candy and M.E.A.T clothing who I've previously talked about in my blog. All these colourful people are reviving 90's to a new extreme. In a recent interview for I-D magazine Brooke Candy states:

"I'm part of an up-and-coming movement of young homosexual and queer artists. We all work together to make the disenchanted you feel more comfortable with who they are, and show that you can be successful bring exactly who you want to be." 

The girl featured in the video who goes by the name of Alis Pelleschi is a London based photographer/artists and reminds me of a up north version of Yo-Landi Vi$$er with her dance moves which is always welcome in my home. She is responsible for the photography of M.E.A.T clothing and  other familiar wonders that will blow the cobwebs off your black and brown brain.
This video is a whole lot of 90's cyber punk meets Garage meets cyber sex meets up north meets chav. It's meeting a lot of things but anyway enjoy this as much as I did. Takes me back to the days of Tammy Girl. Visit her website below to get it going on.



Since I was young and smaller, I have never had short hair. I briefly had a bob when I was 3 but I think that was on the way to it growing from birth. There's been times I've nearly shaved it underneath, dyed it blue, dyed it white, I've been shockingly close a number of times to getting a perm. I once accidentally got cut a fringe which was awful but I stuck it out until it was over. My mum always based my haircuts on Rachel from Friends. Lightly feathered was what I always got. Now I just get a trim with a nice middle parting, but when that day comes when something happens which will make me cut my hair short, well that will be a scary day for everybody. 

When I had a bob by way of birth.


I use my tumblr to basically store any pictures that tickle my fancy. It's full of lovely sparkles and unicorns mating with space men. If you have a tumblr, why not follow? I don't really mind. Have a look and be my pen pal:


When I see the Chewit Tower I know I'm close to home. 
It's my concrete beacon.


These next three posts are all Christmas themed. One is meat based, another is nudity based and the last is ghetto based. We got a meaty naked ghetto Christmas coming up. If you're a real lover of meat; especially bacon and creativity then look no further. It's like man vs. food and the creativity of art attack. This genius's* have come up with the perfect Christmas meat lovers festive treat. Watch it, get hungry, don't, feel sick, doubt yourself as a carnivore, I don't care just watch it. Not suitable for vegetarians or anyone that is lactose intolerant or just a pussy in general.


Here in Brighton we are famous for doing things the other way. Everyone hear is welcoming and friendly even though we're so close to London. Brighton is a mixture of home grown's and visitors who have never left like myself. It's an addictive city you see. People of all ages know how to have a laugh and let their hair down, even if it is winter. If your unfortunate enough to not of visited our psychedelic city then why not get a little of jist of it by watching this popular Christmas special brought to you by a naked northerner.  The best kind of northerner. They don't feel the cold remember. ENJOY! From Brighton with love.


What's Christmas with DMX? Everyones gotta have a taste of a ghetto christmas since it's 2012. It's not all love Actually and Coca-cola adverts (I wish it was.) "Shit is real out here" is what DMX would remind the kids. I have never heard a funnier rendition of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. His voice is so funny yet so scary.  I love the bit at the end where he doubts his knowledge of getting all the reindeers names correctly in order and sings it softly under his breath like an angel. That's the real DMX. 


Yesterday I unfortunately learnt that there is a pill that makes your number 2's coming out gold and glittery. It's a bit like that goose laying a golden egg except completely different. 
The pill has been dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf. So if your male and rich with a immature sense of humour then why not go 'too far' and spend $425 on a golden festive Mr.Hanky.




Bought a double cheeseburger today on the way to work. Walking fast with numb hands at 9am in the morning will always result in indigestion, regret, sadness and tears. 
Taste goood doe. 


Who says candles are for girls? Most guys see candles as a sensual accessory that girls use when they've got their periods or there's a full moon. But no-one can dispute that these candles below aren't a piece of art. These babies are amazing and are great for both boys and women. They're the perfect xmas present too. Thing is though, if someone was to buy me one, I'd find it hard to actually use it as a candle but then that defeats the whole purpose of it and it then become an ornament etc etc, first world problems. But anyway take a look at these beautifully moulded candles by Insight and cop one if you wanna add some contemporary art wax to your home. 
Get them here: www.peggsandson.com

Slicker than your average 99p tea light.