Well I cant avoid talking about it any longer' we're all going to die. Every day in the last couple of weeks, just as I'm getting comfy and all naive someone reminds me that we're going to die on Friday. This is a picture that my house mate sent me last night:

So yeah if like me your paronoid and your friends are sick and twisted then take it as a pleasant warning of OH MY GOD I BETTER GET MY SHIT READY COZ IT'S GOING DOWN THIS FRIDAY. 
I'm not sure how but I'm guessing it's going to be one of these three things:

1- Fish are going to take over and the sea is going to turn inside out. I don't trust them and their eyes, they're too quite and stink.

2- Zombie Nation. This neurovirus that's being going around is going to separate the zombinies from the real. Now my bf and his brother have had it but I haven't which means that they're not going to be of any help so I better get out  their house now while I can. I wont survive anyway but if anyone needs me, I'll be at the Marina in Brighton, bring guns. Mines a Beretta. 

3- A meteor is going to hit us and it's going to be a very stressful situation for everyone that I for one can reallllllly not be bothered with right now. Take Victoria station on a Friday 5pm and then times it by 1. Yeah shit's going down. 

4- Nothing happens but some stupid American does something stupid in the heat of the moment and I look a bit silly but not really. 

So yeah that's it really. I've got it all out now for today. Nothing more to say. Plenty more to say but not now, later. Here's a picture Fern sent me as another nice reminder: