What the bloody hell is this and why has it just caved in a fraction of my mind. I don't completely understand what I've just seen but I do know that I'm definitely liking it. I feel like someone has logged into my brain and found all the weird, freaky things that I like and then combined them into some weird cyber 90's fake but not fake at all music video. If you like the images of my tumblr or you're a fan of the 90's and just weird things in general then look no further. Recently I've also really taken a liking in cyber sim girls. I have no idea why. They're just foxy and nostalgic. In fact I'll add one above so you know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway:


Serious Thugs are also tied in with the likes of Brooke Candy and M.E.A.T clothing who I've previously talked about in my blog. All these colourful people are reviving 90's to a new extreme. In a recent interview for I-D magazine Brooke Candy states:

"I'm part of an up-and-coming movement of young homosexual and queer artists. We all work together to make the disenchanted you feel more comfortable with who they are, and show that you can be successful bring exactly who you want to be." 

The girl featured in the video who goes by the name of Alis Pelleschi is a London based photographer/artists and reminds me of a up north version of Yo-Landi Vi$$er with her dance moves which is always welcome in my home. She is responsible for the photography of M.E.A.T clothing and  other familiar wonders that will blow the cobwebs off your black and brown brain.
This video is a whole lot of 90's cyber punk meets Garage meets cyber sex meets up north meets chav. It's meeting a lot of things but anyway enjoy this as much as I did. Takes me back to the days of Tammy Girl. Visit her website below to get it going on.