"Aint nothing but a thang"

When I first heard Ashanti and Llyod Banks's song South Side I was like "Yeahhhh this is my jaymmm! Turn it uppp, this my song gurl oh oh oh." But at the end I could of sworn I heard Llyod sing Chicken wing on a string... I replayed it a few times and still heard that but I've let it lie for a few years. Now I finally have the kind of time where I can research it and talk about it and yes he did sing that. He ruined the song by rhyming to random things. Unfortunately he did not. Chicken wing on a string is an actual saying and here is Urban Dictionary at it's better defining the definition...also the necklace you see above was worn by Nicki Minaj. Just google chicken wing necklace and you'll recognise the fashion convict there. 

Chicken wing on a string:
An insignificant inconvenience

"Man, I just crashed my porsche 911 into a tree swerving to miss those migdets...." 

 "That sucks!" 

 "Eh, aint nothing but a chicken wing on a string"

 "You're taking this well" 

 "No, I'm dead inside...."

R Kelly crying.