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One for the Wank Tank Bank


This is a protest song against forced circumcision of young boys in Africa.... who are crudely circumcised out in the bush as part of their transition into manhood. A lot of them die from infection & starvation. If they survive and find their way back to their village, they are welcomed home as "men." Individuals who do not go through the right of passage are considered "dirty" and "evil" and are never treated as adults... hence the phrase "evil boy for life."

The last time my mind was as clear as the day in this picture.chunky bad chips. dodgy man with perhaps Thai bride lost in a sea of white people.Lots of roots and tree stumps.massive grassy hill i couldn't quite climb. 1067 castello and a big ol' red car wit a dodgy ipod lead. A rickety hut with lots of scratched in names on it like something out of a horror film. Stop back on the way to see floating caravan houses.

Once we watched a lazy world go by...

now the days seem to fly.

The Sunday Silencio

Mental Disorder Cuddly Toys!

A German toymaker is selling a range of soft toys, each of which has their own psychiatric disorder. The toys range from Dub, a turtle who suffers depression, to Kroko, a crocodile with an acute phobia of water, as well as a hallucinating snake called Sly and a sheep called Dolly who has a personality disorder.... 

This is Dub. Because of todays fast paced society Dub now suffers from severe depression. Can you help him out of his shell? No. Because he's out of stock apparently...

This is Lilo. He;s got some kind of manic OCD. He's been trying to solve this jigsaw for months without sucess and has become so absorbed he has lost contact with the outside world. All it is is jigsaw jigsaw jigsaw. Lost cause really

 Dolly. Suffering from temporary delusion and a basic multiple personality disorder. One minute she believes shes a sheep; the next, a wolf. Hysterical, psychotic defence reactions underline the fundamental threat which points at negative experiences and resulting fragmentation processes. Although in the 2nd picture it does just look like a wolf shagging a sheep...

Sly has body problems. Combined with the fascination of an apparently much more potent-seeming substitute rattle, we suspect the manifestation of a deeply rooted rattle complex. His trippy colours constantly delude him and the whole feeling of FML is definately relevant here..

Kroko is shit scared of water and has some form of paranoid psychosis.The signs are a mental block and a Gestaltzerfall (disintegration of structure) of the habitual field of experience. He'll literally piss himself without his cushion and then freak out about the piss and it goes on and on and on....

All for a smashing 29 Euros. So get these for Xmas to give your kids a positive head start in life or to your pet to make him feel better about himself. Or just don't buy them at all coz they're morbid and twisted. 

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