Wee-iirdd. Def saw a penith


Some amazing art works of current artists done in water colours, pastels and all the kind s of materials that are found in paintings of water-lilies and kings and naked women except much more urban. By a guy I just found on tumblr who goes by the name of Kristofferson, www.kristoffersonsanpablo.com

Trinidad James



:SKI 95:

If you know what this is then I have a cyber hi-5 from me. It doesn't matter how many thousand of times I played this, I was always shook of that wolf.

Is my tumblr for anyone that doesnt want to read and just look at great pictures instead. When I say great I mean the most tackiest and shiniest images on the internet that please my eyes through to my brain.


Here is the music video I did for Nineteen89 Records artist Crypt to his summery house tune Feel You. The track is a lot better than the close-ups of my fake sweaty face trust.


Photos of guys in their girlfriends clothes taken by Jon Urinate because they can. Might see if I can try and get some of my home boys to do the same because we all know after 
bout 2-10 mins of persuasion around 90% of guys crack. Guys deep down don't mind a pamper and if there is strict confidentiality or they've had a bit to drink then I reckon most of them well let you add a bit of gloss and mascara. I've never met one that has declined some liner to extenuate the eyes.

From this to this


I don't know if you remember but I posted a YouTube viral the other week of the super star Asian sensation musician D4NNY with his heartfelt Goodbye. Well it seems he's captured the hearts of many and has now collabed on a reeemiixxxx. I must say everything is better but it's still funny and I still cant watch it the whole way through; it's just too mean.


Found by Aisha and original article at Don't Panic, http://bit.ly/19m5ADe 

Some find this. Find it. Buy it. Send it to me. Remain anon, it's better that way.


Here are some of our favourites who has been 'Simpsonified' by Adrien Noterdaem. Wish I could be Simpsonized but I don't think I could take the criticism. 



And all the girls say I'm pretty fly for a light guy

Where all the honey dips at?


Was delving into the dirty depths of grime and garage today when I came across probably one of the most darkest UK Mc's to date. CAS is dead is pretty much unknown and he's done a good job of keeping this so. According to an SB:TV interview CAS says he's a  nursery teaching assistant hence why he is always donning a mask in his videos. He's also done well in never revealing his true name, location and identity and with this CAS is quiet confidently the UK's equivalent of Immortal Technique with his dark lyrics and creepy themes; in particular his fetish for killing women. 
I obviously do not support CAS's lyrics or find any of it light or humorous but it is different; and different is what interests me. Besides he's probably just a very angry 18 year old that no-one understands but anyway. 

This is his new extended music video to Charlotte. It begins all light and lovely and like a nigh out it slowly starts to slide into something a bit more dark and grimey. CAS is very bold in his words and has a clear art direction, so if you're open to a bit of fake blood and some twisted urban poetry then indulge in this for a bit and see what you think.


Shame on you! Hype Beast's Business Week section recently went and did their research to see whether certain rappers actually have the amount of money they claim. Turns out a majority of them don't. 

In particular it just so happens that the 2 shittiest artists in the graph also happen to be at the top of the bullshitter graph. Pitbull you are a annoying liar; take Minaj and her fake #million dollar pusaaayyyy# with you.
 At the other end of the scale we have the modest Dre who is clearly clever with his money seeing as he's been around longer in the rap game than a large majority of these artists. I think Dre might be the kinda guy who acts like times are hard when out at a restaurant so you offer to pay the bill because you feel bad his career isn't peeking like it used to, and then when you step outside you see his black velvet bullet proof SUV pull up with angels flying around it all wearing golden Beats by Dre and you're like doh!


Soundcloud is probably the best way to follow music from  your favourite artists. It's more personal as well because you can find so much hidden talented artists and loads of people who share the same liking for your kind of frequency. I have spent many a day scouting out the gooduns in trap, RnB and more and compiled it into a mini Al Raz mix. So if you're in the mood click play and enjoy my selection. It does start off pretty summery cotch but I warn you, there's some serious Hucci trap in there. Others include Last Night in Paris, James Blake and Kaytranda. Wooooo


At 23.50 it happened. Al Raz had her first 90's stroke. Everything went into overload and started to melt a gooey purple way.  All the tacky gems fell off my phone and the purple glitter light from my eyes dimmed out. I thought it'd be a good idea to watch this video because it looked like it had all the purp and the cyber connotations that I adore. But alas I was wrong. Like the Spice Girls said, too much of something is bad enough or something like that. My eyes hurt and I want anything that's connected with 90's to do one. 

16 year old Sweedish Yung Lean who is part of the Sadboys 2001 did this. This means he was born in '97 which means he was only a mere alien in the late 90's and early millenium. You know nothing of the MS-Dos MSN, N64 and floppy discs. You only play N64 for it's retro novelties and not because it was the sickest most advanced console we had going at that time with the best Golden Eye game going despite all the glitches on levels Bunker and Facility (in the toilets.)

I dunno I might just need to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning but for now, the 90's cyber world can do one. 

*slams door and cries into pillow.


I need me one of these, my one makes too much noise and sweats like it's his job. 

This 6ft woollen men is the 'Ideal Boyfriend.' He's soft to the touch and doesn't give back chat when you know your right. Designed by Dutch artist Noortje de Keijzer she gave up dating to sew her own man. The Perfect Boyfriend is not yet ready for mass production sales as the first two models she has created are just the first prototypes but if you're really lonely just keep your eyes open, or make one of your own.

There are of course other options such as a papier mache one, a big industrial bag of sand or a blow up doll. Oh and maybe a human one as well but they're known to blow off in the mornings and put their thang on your head.