So a few years back advertisers tried some ridiculous angle by cutting out a majority of the UK's population by branding Yorkie as a man's chocolate bar. This was a fucking stupid idea and I think they some how missed that females by far eat more chocolate than men; therefore spending a lot more money on it. Despite this unimpressive advertising campaign I still bought the chocolate because it was the only one I really liked, but having the whole you cant have it your a girl/are you a man 'banter' did kill me off buying it eventually. 

ANYWAY, I just saw that Mc.Coys are now pulling the same shit. My favourite crisps! And working at a pub and frequently eating them in the workplace, I can almost guarantee I'm now going to have to endure the same boring sexist chat except the men now will be slightly older and slightly more jarring. Whoever thought up this campaign; fuck you. And if your a female then seriously fuck you. You will never take away my pms treats from me.

Lists of other things advertisers have tried to take away from me
-pork scratchings
- WKD's and VK's (I know I know)
- Pot Noodles
- They can take Carlsberg I don't care for it

By the way, I know it looks from this like I have an awful diet but I don't. I love rabbit food.

My life one day.