Shame on you! Hype Beast's Business Week section recently went and did their research to see whether certain rappers actually have the amount of money they claim. Turns out a majority of them don't. 

In particular it just so happens that the 2 shittiest artists in the graph also happen to be at the top of the bullshitter graph. Pitbull you are a annoying liar; take Minaj and her fake #million dollar pusaaayyyy# with you.
 At the other end of the scale we have the modest Dre who is clearly clever with his money seeing as he's been around longer in the rap game than a large majority of these artists. I think Dre might be the kinda guy who acts like times are hard when out at a restaurant so you offer to pay the bill because you feel bad his career isn't peeking like it used to, and then when you step outside you see his black velvet bullet proof SUV pull up with angels flying around it all wearing golden Beats by Dre and you're like doh!