Was delving into the dirty depths of grime and garage today when I came across probably one of the most darkest UK Mc's to date. CAS is dead is pretty much unknown and he's done a good job of keeping this so. According to an SB:TV interview CAS says he's a  nursery teaching assistant hence why he is always donning a mask in his videos. He's also done well in never revealing his true name, location and identity and with this CAS is quiet confidently the UK's equivalent of Immortal Technique with his dark lyrics and creepy themes; in particular his fetish for killing women. 
I obviously do not support CAS's lyrics or find any of it light or humorous but it is different; and different is what interests me. Besides he's probably just a very angry 18 year old that no-one understands but anyway. 

This is his new extended music video to Charlotte. It begins all light and lovely and like a nigh out it slowly starts to slide into something a bit more dark and grimey. CAS is very bold in his words and has a clear art direction, so if you're open to a bit of fake blood and some twisted urban poetry then indulge in this for a bit and see what you think.