I only wanna fly first class and baby your my limousine 

 Do you dream in golden wrappers and crushed velvet? These hotel rooms aren't for the people that love lavender and recycled hemp. They're for the people who can take a bit of gold to the eyes and get wild for the night. The Crazy Bear group are a chain of luxury bars, restaurants and hotels. The hotel quarter is based in Beconsfield outside a London and a room like this could be yours for the night if you've set a but of mula on the side...a bit more. Would also be ideal location to shoot a music video. 

These rooms are ghetto fabulous fantastic and you'd have to break some boundaries if you were to spend the night here and do shit you wouldn't usually do at home, it'd be a waste if you didn't  There's also an outside pool which I'm assuming can only be used once a year when it's sunny in England. I know this is all tacky but you gotta love it. Perfect for any of those who are looking to show someone else a good time. 
Oh yeah, rooms are about £300 a night, enjoy.