It might just be me but I swear transfer tattoos have back into fashion. Either that or I've come of the age where you can tell I'm joking and having fun when I wear one instead of wearing one and pretending it's real and not letting anybody touch it because 'it's still healing' and scrubbing it off before I go home to my conservative parents. 
Nah man I'M GOWN and I got real tattoos now, although I did manage to hide it from my mum for over a year until I wore a see through shirt in front of her. Shit.

 Anyway as I was saying it seem's the 90's transfer tattoos have made a bit more of an appearance recently and here are some pretty cool ones. They're by a company called Tattly that deal in temporary trendy tattoos. There a bit different from your seaside one pound machine that dispensed the ugly Celtic barbed wire ones and the porn star style butterfly's that I always bought. They're more the kind of design you'd expect graphic designers, architects and photographers to have but in real ink pain.
Yeah these ones are for the hipsters, check them out here: