I have now started working in the Illustrated People's studio right in heart of Brick Lane in East London. Lots of fun because it means I can do what I usually do in my dark living room (bed) in a nice warm room with lots of other people that share my passion in fashion, music and trolling the internet for hours and hours. And hours. Anyway we've thought up a little treat for the IP lovers and are giving away free garms till xmas. If you want some free stuff just go to the Illustrated People's facebook page then like and share the picture which looks like the one above on facebook and then we are going to randomly select people each week and send it yours ways init. Mens and women's clothing too! 
ENJOY, it's a celebration bitches. 



Here are a few shots of Eurasian George and Eurasian I from the Friend n' Foe shoot the other day in London's China Town. I also politely pointed out the many bedrooms of prostitutes above the street in which we were shooting and also found time to pay tribute to my Chineseness by stocking up on sesame balls and chair siu pork buns...anyway the photos are looking real good and they're were shot by Levi who also runs his own clothing line which goes by the name of Monroe Apparel. 

These are some of the images used in the A/W Lookbook and all products are now on sale so go other to the site and take a peak. The pricing is surprisingly affordable for such good quality garms aswell; especially the hats!

probably did



Here's something new and interesting for you. There is this restaurant in London that goes by the name of Dans en Noir and what it is short and simply is a restaurant where you eat in the dark. You dine with your partner(s) in complete darkness and are served by blind waiters. 
As they put it it is "sensory experience that awakens the senses and allows us to completely re-evaluate our perception of taste and smell."

Theres four different types of menus to choose from and it's about £42 for two courses and £51 for three. The restaurant is in Farringdon and sounds like the perfect place to take your other half if your fed up of looking at their face or if your going on a date and you're actually a fish. I personally wouldn't go just because I'm scared of the dark but it would be extremely funny to watch me freak out on the CCTV. Just don't wear white because it sounds like a bit of a messy experience.


On Sunday I worked on a very good shoot for Friend n Foe clothing. These guys are lots of fun and  have some serious pieces of clothing going on. They are all also really tall for some reason. They do both boys and ladies and they've got some really cool digital print leggings coming out. They also do real good bobble hats so stay tuned to their website for these new products coming out in the next couple of weeks. Theyve got the works really, 5 panels, hoodies, tee's and even balaclavas for that late night swag. Watch out for some of the photo's from Sundays shoot on here in a bit and see me looking like a complete idiiaatee. A Friend n Foe idiot though. 


This is such a good film 


If you like Family Guy or Chris Brown or general procrastinating then you gotta check this. This guy does a jokes impression of various Family Guy characters along to Chris Browns, Look at me now. Cant tell if this is funny or just hungover..

Drop down and get your eagle on,
Or we can stare up at the stars and put the Beatles on.


Do you like angels and beautiful female vocals? Do you also like public transport and lap dancers. Well this is the video for you. Jessie Ware's If you Love me has a nice and delicate but contemporary video to it which is actually the first video I've seen of hers. I'm a big fan though. It's urban dreamy with visually pleasing colours, yeah that's what it is. 
Produced by BenZel. 


furry helmet

I don't know why but I find this so funny. Watched it 8 times today. You crazy crazy Aussies.



If you are a lover of amazing music videos and you fancy a visual treat on a lovely Sunday evening then look no further than here. The music video for Woodkid directed by Yoann Lemoine is the one. He is the same genius that directed Lana Del Rey's Born to Die and Blue Jeans. This video is pretty cool if you havent already seen it and reminds me of the imagery from Sin City and 300 mixed into one spectacular. 


If you like my Al Raz and look at it from time to time then please like my facebook page as well because it would  make me feel real special. x



This Ukrainian 21 year old has had so much surgery in order to look like a real life barbie and she seems to do of done the job. Apart from that she is a teacher at an International school in which she teaches Out of Body Travel which teaches students how to leave their body and travel in their spiritual body to other places on the planet or universe..

.I'm pretty sure if the real barbie was alive she'd probably run a nail salon or own her own little clothing boutique with her partner before previously being picked up in the local lap dancing club working for tips to feed her dog Fluffy and slight coke habit.



This is so joke. For people that have seen People Just do Nothing on BBC, here's a youtube guide produced by the DJ's and MC's at Kurupt fm on the most basic skills of how to be a real DJ. Below is also the music video to Get out the way which by now if you haven't realised is a joke. Welcome to British humour. 


DVNNY SETH is a hot North London rapper who wears the freshest garms and has dope videos.  It's good to see some good quality British rapping just at the last minute before all UK Hip Hop music turned into cringing impersonations of A$AP and repetitive songs about smoking weed until your in a coma.  ThisisntHarlemit'sFullham. 
He's going to be working with myself and the rest of the Illustrated gang and I bet he's going to get really famous. 
Go see for yourself at: www.dvnnyseth.com


In numerology every number has a corresponding letter associated with it. The date 12-21-12 reads as, A-B-B-A-A-B. When you consider that the Hebrew language is read from right to left, this date would read BA ABBA. 
 The Hebrew translation for BA ABBA is "Father comes/is coming"

I don't want to die knowing that I never got to hear Dr.Dre's Detox.




The new trailer to GTA no.5 looks like a film I want to watch and the two posters look pretty dope. I naturally decided to pick this one because it's all I adore. It looks good and the soundtrack you can hear in the back ground was done by Stevie Wonder. Graphics don't exactly look as overly amazing as technology would surely allow but hey what do I know. This game make me want to be really good at gaming/be able to use and understand how to master a ps3 or xbox controller/understand how to use the left and right analogs buttons which is something I genuinely believe girls are not genetically programmed to master.* Looking around and moving forward at the same time has never been so difficult until this. 

*Excluding young Japanese girls.


This video is so funny. I've found a weak spot in thugs. It's called rides. When my one and I came across the Haunted Mansion in Disney Land I swear to God I have never seen a grown man be reduced back to his former 6 year old self quicker. I have also never seen a mixed race man transform into a white man like a chameleon. He didnt even see the ride itself, he just saw a really big looking haunted house and heard the screaming of school girls. So if you know man that thinks he's ard take him to the fair ground and introduced him to the ghost ride and watch your guy freak out like a baby deer (fawn) in headlights. Same can be said for this man here: so funny, especially the part where he repeatedly tells his girlfriend not to touch him.

true stories



...but only went on 2 rides. 
At least I was tall enough to go on Space Mountain this time. 
I win Mickey, I win.


Good news first: You can now listen to The Weeknd on Spotify which is great. Bad news now and I'm just going to say it out right. I'm dissapointed with The Weeknd; there I said it. It's not me it's you. 

Since the signing over and re releasing of the trilogy and the whole big song and dance stuff, The Weeknd's videos just seems to of lost its quality and originality. When I first saw the video to The Knowing, a decent segment of my world was blown, it.is.amazing. and no-one would disagree. I genuinely found it hard to carry on living after I saw that video because it was that good. But these videos that are being dished out on the sly are "bare boring" and really samey. It kinda ruins the tunes for me because they're all so good but the videos dim it down and make it kinda dead. Like a proud asian parent, I was expecting great things of Wicked Games; my favourite child. But alas, it was shit. 
Maybe I'm just being ungrateful or not seeing the artistic side to it but I dreamed up better videos for that song which included small unicorns, flying and a neon lap dancing club. Still though, the music will always be good and The Knowing video will always be the one. Check out the new video to The Zone ft. Drake and then check out The Knowing again, just for old times sake and that. 

That's better.


This is Fern Angel Beattie when she was a brat of a cockney child being woken up. But those barbie pyjamas and general pink sheets are amazing.


When interesting news comes out, I always turn to NMA TV youtube channel to see their weird and twisted take on the article. SO when I heard that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up, I immediately turned to my good old untrustworthy friends at NMA to check out the video and here it is: always makes me laugh. 
You crazy Taiwanese's you.



It took me 1.20 to write all of that. That's how addicted I am. 




Here are some of the amazing fashion gifs that Josh Greet churned out from the Illustrated People shoot that we worked on for the A/W collection that is now on sale on the Illustrated People website at  www.illustratedpeople.com
Check out more of his gifs and work at 


Here are a couple of photos from the Maiden Noir shoot for Peggs and Sons that I helped out on the other week. It was dark and stormy but all these kinds of urban lighting make great effects for clothing such as this.  What doesn't make great effect is the overly chubby security guard constantly monitoring the shoot by warding us away from any walls or lights that were owned by his company... IT'S A WALL. Check out the Maiden Noir collection at Peggs and Sons and also check the facey b as they have loads of free give-aways on a regular basis which is great for girlfriends getting an early Christmas present...not so great for me seeing as mine works there. dagnamit.

~ www.peggsandson.com~