Here's something new and interesting for you. There is this restaurant in London that goes by the name of Dans en Noir and what it is short and simply is a restaurant where you eat in the dark. You dine with your partner(s) in complete darkness and are served by blind waiters. 
As they put it it is "sensory experience that awakens the senses and allows us to completely re-evaluate our perception of taste and smell."

Theres four different types of menus to choose from and it's about £42 for two courses and £51 for three. The restaurant is in Farringdon and sounds like the perfect place to take your other half if your fed up of looking at their face or if your going on a date and you're actually a fish. I personally wouldn't go just because I'm scared of the dark but it would be extremely funny to watch me freak out on the CCTV. Just don't wear white because it sounds like a bit of a messy experience.