Good news first: You can now listen to The Weeknd on Spotify which is great. Bad news now and I'm just going to say it out right. I'm dissapointed with The Weeknd; there I said it. It's not me it's you. 

Since the signing over and re releasing of the trilogy and the whole big song and dance stuff, The Weeknd's videos just seems to of lost its quality and originality. When I first saw the video to The Knowing, a decent segment of my world was blown, it.is.amazing. and no-one would disagree. I genuinely found it hard to carry on living after I saw that video because it was that good. But these videos that are being dished out on the sly are "bare boring" and really samey. It kinda ruins the tunes for me because they're all so good but the videos dim it down and make it kinda dead. Like a proud asian parent, I was expecting great things of Wicked Games; my favourite child. But alas, it was shit. 
Maybe I'm just being ungrateful or not seeing the artistic side to it but I dreamed up better videos for that song which included small unicorns, flying and a neon lap dancing club. Still though, the music will always be good and The Knowing video will always be the one. Check out the new video to The Zone ft. Drake and then check out The Knowing again, just for old times sake and that. 

That's better.