Bartholomeus van der Helst, Portrait of a Girl, 1645



This is the long awaited DVNNY SETH's EP: Prespliffs VOL.II and hoe my days it's seriously good. I'm not just saying that because I like him, it's sick!! It was released in the last half an hour and it's been going crazy online ever since. Looks like Michael Jackson's greatest hits and Jodeci's RnB's Classics is going to have to take a back seat for the next couple of days.

The production is sick and you can hear that close attention to detail and quality has been put into everything. This guy is a character and most certainly one to watch if you haven't started already because he's soaring. 
So check it out, sit back and relax, and let your faith in UK rap and hip hop be restored. 

Oh your welcome.

?«´¨`•°..AL RAZ..°•´¨`»?

When I was 4, I loved this
When I was 14, I loved this,
I'm 24, I love this.
help me.


This is the newest music video from Gita called Let That. It's a sickkk video and I've been waiting for her next one since Hood Rich. Yeah the tunes cool but a bit repetitive so the video definitely makes up for it. It's hard to find Gita's music on youtube but her tumblrs always around so go to and ENJOY coz this video is worth the watch if your into that kind of thing.


This is a really funny back in the day video that Sammy Hiscox just fished out for me. I
t's I Don't Smoke The Reefa by DJ Deekline and MC Hyper Active along with some of his chums. (XRated Screamer & Billy Whizz who I'm assuming is related to Billy Connolley.) 

There's various funny things about this. The jokes miming & the guy with THE WORST impression of someone playing a guitar ever. At one point he completely abandons the instrument and begins flailing his arms around exposing his true raver acid rave personality that was dying to come out after 50 seconds worth of pretending to play a respectable instrument.  There's a point around 1.00 where the stage is flooded with dried ice and you can't see a thing making it easier for the audience to pretend to the DJ's that they're having a wicked time. 

 Never trust BBC to through good raves that's all I can say.


Peggs and Sons are now doing a 70% off sale so now's reallt the last chance to get some of these goodies and their lowest prices before they run out of stock. And stock runs out fast. They've got the lights of Huf, Folk, Maiden Noir, Norse Projects and Obey all up in there. 
Go to to get your paws on some finery now.


You'd think at night I'd normally be in my sexy time element with deep rnb on the go with candles and stuff but instead you'll find me tucked up listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast (which currently has a play count of 59...) playing WorldMole on my phone trying to get a higher score than the score I got the night before. 

This according to statistics; this is the prime of my life.



You know when your a kid and you sing songs but you don't exactly know what the words are so you jsut sing the sound of the word and then you get to 24 and realize that you don't actually know all the words to Bills Bills Bills. Yeah well that is similar but really has nothing to do with the video below. It's really funny though.

This kid knows what the deal is



Here are a few behind the scenes shots he Illustrated Spring/Summer collection for 2013 being released verrrrry soon.


Jake looking moody in this beautiful Illustrated People A/W 13 print shirt. 
Illustrated mens wear is about to go crazy so keep your eyes on these prize(s)

And DVNNY SETH in our Mens Ice Tee. 

Oh my Jesus and it's affordable* 

*it's not.


OK time to pay attention!

This is the new music video from the group Organized Threat entitled The Legacy that features Fern's favourite Gavlyn. It's a collective of mainly west coast rappers from all different kinds of sex, shade and beliefs which is something that is definitely needed in hip hop musical culture.  Also featuring in the Organized Threat are contemporary poets and illustrators. They have a complete mixture of different kinds of people in their collective which makes them so unique and original. 

And this is a  really good track by way of introducing them. Reminds me of some good old 90's hip hop rappers with some buff 90's east coast sounding beat, and when Gavlyn makes her appearance at 2.25 you know they have the whole package going on. 

Here's their website so you can get a better idea. And to make it an even solider movement they also have a live stream on their homepage which features live conversations and other events. That's such a good idea. So if your a real hip hop fan watch and appreciate this. 


This is either 4 things:

1- An incredibly alternative uber trendy hipster video that I just dont get
2- Someones first GCSE media studies piece for which they should get an A*
3- A weirdo making some weirdo video which I guess is the same as number 1
4- Tom Waits's good looking but badly dressed son.

Whatever it is, it's kept me entertained for a good couple of minutes. 
Oh shit what the hell just happened at the end. That's some dark stuff right there and I've come to the conclusion that it's a mixture of all 4 guesses above. 
It's a hipster GCSE piece that Tom Waits's son has composed for drugs awareness. 
All makes sense now.


So when one of us gets sad it seems to be tradition now to cheer the other up by making remixes of ridiculous music videos. Last time we did B2K in which I exposed both my inability to dance and a bit of breastestes....This time around we've really gone in hard and introduced our 5ft-5ft.3 asses into the trippy world of K-POP. 

This might look like it took a couple of minutes but intense editing, learning how to use a mac, and learning Korean...took a good couple of hours. So here it is: Al Raz ft Thidarat Kaha in our rendition of Big Bang's "Bad Boy". Yeah I'm so sorry about this:

This one goes out to Fern
oh and the h8Er$


I think Chipmunk/Chip whatever looks like a mix between a beagle and a pug; a puggle to be precise but I really do like this song. Female vocals are sikh.


Brand new music video from Brooke Candy entitled Everybody Does and it's another sick video. It's a good tune but the video surely makes it what it is. Everything in the video looks dope, especially those little critters. Couldn't work out if they were completely real or not (obviously they're not half real but waa) And on a more boring and uninteresting but valid point, her hair line is going to be crazy back after all that dutty whining. 
Yolo and all that though.



Freckles the Bear last seen on the 3rd January is missed so dearly.
$ Huge Reward $
Moaner the Cat will be lost if Teddy doesn't return. 


This is the new track from young rascal Dahli fresh out of the magistrates court. (By way of meeting Max's mum from work) If you haven't heard by now Dahli is a fresh and cheeky rapper from Brighton and this new tune with Warren XCLince is a tune. It's a bit more cotch than his usual beats and is a nice one to listen to if your in a nice state of mind. Dahli's lyrics often feature the topic of chicks so if your interested and like this sound of this young mans voice then look no further than @SalvadorDahli
He likes long walks on the beach, meditation, herbology and getting licked.


I don't usually take much notice to Azelia Banks because something about her reminds me of New Look and I generally just don't wanna hear it. She's the kind of female rapper that talks about taking yo man and dancing with yo guy.... 
No one likes a skanky bitch like that and I'd pay money to see someone try that on me BUT this is a good song so yay and forget the anger I just unleashed. She's used Montell Jordan's Tonight  which I bum. And she's added that bad bitch electro to it so all in all this is a FEMALE BANGER. I look forward to dancing/stumbling to this when I next wear my disco pants.


So those who are 90's tumblr boys and girls will know that Daria is making a major cyber come back and I'm so glad. Daria was a cool girl and I like to think my besty Clare and I together form something similar to a Daria. Sarcasm being our major strength. I remember at the end of the show they would of have a montage of Daria in lots of different outfits and I would shout YES or NO to the outfits I liked and disliked. Either I was destined to work in fashion or destined to be one of those people that talk to televisions thinking their people...

Anyway here's a cool blog I found today that's everything Daria. 


Fern's got an obsession going on with a few of these female rapper's. Not to mention she's now the first UK female who's been accepted into this bunch of mami's.
I'm starting to pay attention. ::

Before I got into music that was more suited to my age group and wasn't shown to me by my mum or dad I can safely say I've always liked Enya out of my own personal choice. And no, an old Irish leprechaun lady isn't holding a knife to my back. Enya is so dreamy. She's like my only connection to the magic Lord of the Rings/Final Fantasy world and should probably be the mother of Grimes. (Should meaning isn't but it'd make sense if she was.)

If shit ever goes down on earth, I'm sticking with Enya. 


Did not clock this sample before from The Fugees. 


The beautiful sights and sounds of West London areas in the Summer. I do like carnival it's great. I'd just prefer to get a window cotch next time around so I can eat my chicken in peace and dance with my personal space still safely intact/so I know I wont get stabbed.


And you thought you were a free person. I just read this article online about the secrets of our supermarkets and how they're specifically designed to make us shop and buy by cleverly creating a maze that mentally tricks us into buying things we think we need. Apparently this matter has been researched and tested thoroughly, using the likes of brain scans via the footage of volunteer's eyeballs to get the best results. The picture above and the descriptions below give us the breakdown of the perfect design: 

1-Golden Zones: aka Grab Zones, this is where all the treats are. They are there to make money & the best way to do is use products that are bought as a reward for the task you've just completed. 

2-Shop-in-shop: This is where you find the booze and the beauty products/medicinals. These areas usually have better lighting and/or different flooring to separate them from the normal shopping aisles to provide a more luxurious feel when shopping in that section.

3-Gondole ends: These are the small shelves at the ends of aisles where special offers are found. We are now trained to expect them. Even if they're not there, signs will be produced that look similar which tricks us into thinking we're getting a deal. (I'm a sucker for 241 Pringles)

4-Buy level: Brands will pay more to have their products placed on the best shelves. Eye level and below being the spot. "We naturally look lower than eye level to somewhere between wait and check level apparently. 

5-Traffic builder: Essential things such as bread and milk will be placed at the back so the customer has to go a long journey before reaching hence heightening the chances of them picking up some other extra goodies along the way. 

6-Power aisle: aka Action Alley (sounds like a porno) are where apparently the customer expects to find the best one off promotions and deals. Things such as DVD players and cheap TV's are found here. 

7-Front of shop: These are the small important things that need to look the most attractive in order to bring customers back. Things such as sandwiches, fruit and vegetables are found here to create a healthy and clean atmosphere. Some store in the US spray a continuos mist of water over their fruit and beg so it looks as if they've been freshly brought in. 

8-Fuck it, it was boring to read & there were too many statistics.

9, 10 & 11 were all also very boring so you can just work it out for yourself. But interesting right or was that just me?