This is a really funny back in the day video that Sammy Hiscox just fished out for me. I
t's I Don't Smoke The Reefa by DJ Deekline and MC Hyper Active along with some of his chums. (XRated Screamer & Billy Whizz who I'm assuming is related to Billy Connolley.) 

There's various funny things about this. The jokes miming & the guy with THE WORST impression of someone playing a guitar ever. At one point he completely abandons the instrument and begins flailing his arms around exposing his true raver acid rave personality that was dying to come out after 50 seconds worth of pretending to play a respectable instrument.  There's a point around 1.00 where the stage is flooded with dried ice and you can't see a thing making it easier for the audience to pretend to the DJ's that they're having a wicked time. 

 Never trust BBC to through good raves that's all I can say.