And you thought you were a free person. I just read this article online about the secrets of our supermarkets and how they're specifically designed to make us shop and buy by cleverly creating a maze that mentally tricks us into buying things we think we need. Apparently this matter has been researched and tested thoroughly, using the likes of brain scans via the footage of volunteer's eyeballs to get the best results. The picture above and the descriptions below give us the breakdown of the perfect design: 

1-Golden Zones: aka Grab Zones, this is where all the treats are. They are there to make money & the best way to do is use products that are bought as a reward for the task you've just completed. 

2-Shop-in-shop: This is where you find the booze and the beauty products/medicinals. These areas usually have better lighting and/or different flooring to separate them from the normal shopping aisles to provide a more luxurious feel when shopping in that section.

3-Gondole ends: These are the small shelves at the ends of aisles where special offers are found. We are now trained to expect them. Even if they're not there, signs will be produced that look similar which tricks us into thinking we're getting a deal. (I'm a sucker for 241 Pringles)

4-Buy level: Brands will pay more to have their products placed on the best shelves. Eye level and below being the spot. "We naturally look lower than eye level to somewhere between wait and check level apparently. 

5-Traffic builder: Essential things such as bread and milk will be placed at the back so the customer has to go a long journey before reaching hence heightening the chances of them picking up some other extra goodies along the way. 

6-Power aisle: aka Action Alley (sounds like a porno) are where apparently the customer expects to find the best one off promotions and deals. Things such as DVD players and cheap TV's are found here. 

7-Front of shop: These are the small important things that need to look the most attractive in order to bring customers back. Things such as sandwiches, fruit and vegetables are found here to create a healthy and clean atmosphere. Some store in the US spray a continuos mist of water over their fruit and beg so it looks as if they've been freshly brought in. 

8-Fuck it, it was boring to read & there were too many statistics.

9, 10 & 11 were all also very boring so you can just work it out for yourself. But interesting right or was that just me?