I've got to give myself some Kudos here because I've been blogging about Die Antwoord since August 2008. That's some real love and dedication right hurr. Anyway this is new music video for Fatty Boom Boom, and as per it's gone all out to impress. Everything is always done to perfection and the continuity of mad outfits and controversial statements. Gaga gets a special smack in the chops and even gets a cockroach pulled out of her nun half way through which is always nice. But theres more to this than just sexual health and piss taking.

There has also apparently been a twitter war going on UP IN HUR UP IN HUR. After Die Antwoord turned down opening for her, they then decided to make this video to really get their point that they really dont need her to get big. Gaga then tweeted saying "I fink u freaky but you dont have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in LA. Thats my shit." 

Firstly her grammar is god awful. Secondly twitter wars can bore off and thirdly, Die Antwoord replied with saying they were glad at least they don't have prawns in their nun. Tru dat. But seriously I don't want to go on because I just bored myself.

Anyway, check out the art work on the wall where a Priest is expelling an evil music manufactured monster with the heads of Minaj, Lil Jon, Gaga, Kanye and Drake on it. If it's your first time watching Die Antwoord then don't be scared, you've just entered a whole new something but if your fan, then prepare to be entertained. 
Yaaaaaaaay happiness an dumplings all around for this one.