Get comfy in the seedy zone because it's about to go down in China Town. ahem.

So I cant wait until these M.E.A.T tracksuits are for sale. I hope someone I know will buy one because I simply don't have the balls or the dollar for such a fancy item that will only be worn when either at a 90's themed rave or when on some kind of self confidence boosting drug. If I was a rich boy, (nana nana nana nana nana nanananana)  I'd be the coolest ghetto fab Eurasian boy in town, oh yes. Yeah yeah I know these clothes are the kookiest and tackiest in all the fairest of the land but you gotta love it. Feel that baby boy blue PVC against your skin, I'm talking seedy seedy dirty dirty. Makes you want to go out and get yourself a secret sun bed and call yourself Spike with a girlfriend named Tina Michelle who does nails and crimps hair.

No but 'real talk' check out this website. They are called M.E.A.T. and they are a London born fashion label who are proudly 100% British handmade rubber fashion users, of 'Boss Quality' apparently.These guys have got some bold 90's visions which I never knew could be taken this far. They've also got a whole creative collective going on including both music, photography and other fashion labels combining Grimes and Brooke Candy. Check out Grimes's video Genesis and you shall see some glorious M.E.A.T artefacts. Also in  the collective is Brooke Candy, the badass upcoming female rapper and also local girl Valentine Lane in all her contemporary burlesque sexiness.