A former police officer of the LAPD, David Mack is famously known not for his professional role as a police officer but for being one of the central figures in the LAPD Rampart police corruption scandal and of course being one of the most suspected characters in the killing of B.I.G

In '97 Compton born Mack was arrested for masterminding the plan that stole $722,000 from a South Central LA Bank. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison and never revealed the whereabouts of the money. Did i mention he was also a Blood? The Bloods had many ties with Death Row records which was founded by Dr Dre and Suge Knight. Mack was then hired by Death Row Records as an off duty bodyguard. 

It is believed that Suge had longed planned for the killing of BIG and on the night of the killing witnesses including Lil Cease; BIG's close friend have all mentioned that they saw both Mack and another man in the car from which Big was shot. This car also matched Mack's own vechile which was found on the raid of his home for the bank robbery. Found next to this car was also a hidden suspicious looking shrine dedicated to 2pac. The bullets from his gun also matched up to the ones that hit BIG. The investigation was never completed and Mack has never been questioned by the police.

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