Do you like:
Naked dog pictures?
Feeling like you missed out on summer?
Blonde girls?
So do I.
Sitting in a cold and badly lit basement in Kentish Town wrapped up in different duvets in different beds with the same mice and the same appetite for a dumpling dinner, I'm missing my yang very much. Grace Bullen and her tumblr are on the other side of the world and it's my daily routine to check it out. You know Home and Away and all those jokes reddit pictures about peoples wonderful and alternative lives in Bondi? Well yeah she's one of those Ozzie trendys that drink shit loads of beer and wine and dress like every night is their birthday. They always seem to be at festivals too. It's a very cool life, and her blog is a very cool blog. 
She'll come back to London soon though, she cant get enough of her inner city girls and hooded long lost boys