"Now that's what I call artwork 2012"

Recently I came across a young buck by the name of Christian Newell and putting it quickly and blunt: his artwork is awesome. Now being a graduate in the History of Arts (yeahdasright) the word 'awesome' is not exactly appropriate nor evaluative but his work is a new kind of something beautiful.

Reigning from the L.D.N he is an up and coming artist, illustrator, photographer and socialite. His artwork combines both the finest in fine art with his other half of contemporary and urban feels. Mixing both urban culture and fine art together into one art piece can only be a slice of what I call greatness. His work has also been featured in Adidas campaigns and exhibited in galleries from London to New York. Anyways, I don't want to go on about his work too much more because 1) I'm scared I wont describe his work in the correct way and 2) His ego will explode through his 5 panel hat, so check out his website to get an idea on more of his work and also check out his crews' movement which makes me wanna move back to the city quick time called Last Night in Paris.