When I say Girls on Top what I mean women kicking ass in general whether it's literally a woman kicking a guys bum or just being cool all over. Girls on top can be girls I know who rule such as Grace Bullen, Fern Angel, Mercedes Benson, Laura Brown & Karis Halsall. Or it can be current female musicians such as Gita, Grimes, Dena, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and all of the Rough Diamondz and Roxanne. All said females above have got it going on. 

Anyway in this case I'm talking about Brooke Candy. You may recognise her from the Grimes video Genesis but this is her proper first video that's going to break her into the UK. She's linked in to the MEAT music and fashion movement and this video ticks both of these boxes. THE VIDEO IS SO FEMALE G including the likes of: 
Ghost riding, gold things, small asian kids, small kids rapping, popping bottles, shiny things and big booty bitche$. 

In her recent interview for I-D magazine she states: 
I'm part of an up-and-coming movement of young homosexual and queer artists. We all work together to make the disenchanted youth feel more comfortable with who they are, and show that you can be successful being exactly what you want to be."

And I for one am disenchanted so this is great brain food for me.