So you may of heard Snoop Dog is no more. He has hung up his pimping hat and kane and is now known as....SNOOP LION. Yes that's right, he's done a Diddy and changed his name unessesarily for a publictity stunt. What happend is he apparently went off to Jamaicai for a long while and whilst visiting some priests had a spiritual awakening in which he felt he had evolved from a dog to a lion. Not literally, more just mentally. 

Anyway Snoop Dog was lucky enough to have a camera crew filming his time in Jamaica and they were also lucky enough to document his awakening and were also lucky enough to make it into a trailer for a film documentary...coincidence! But here is the trailer for the documentary that takes a look on the rappers life. first half looks quite interesting as he speaks about his past life growing up, his musical career and affiliation with more controversial aspects but then...da dum.. shit just gets ridiculous.
 We are now watching Snoop Lion! It's almost reminiscent of a Borat movie where Snoop goes around Jamaica getting high and wearing colorful clothes and speaks with a false accent. 

It's either a really good comedy that he's been a genius of or it really is the documentation of Snoop becoming a reggae artist. Either way, I'm going to watch it so waa.