This is something for both boys and girls young and old. A few months back J-Marion told me about this zombie experience that is going on in the UK. No don't get freaked out, it's not a real zombie experience. If it was, you think I'd really be on here blogging about it? NO, I'd be in my shitty stolen dingy just off the south coast using my hands as paddles trying to get towards France whilst playing SongPop on my phone.

ANWAY, what this is is a paid experience where actors dress up as zombies and attack you and make your biggest fears come true for a couple of hours. You finally get to live out that 'in case of emergency zombie plan' I know so many people have. (I have 2.) It is PERFECT for birthdays, stag do's, male bonding sessions of any sort.

Firstly, you will get briefed by a Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit that will fill you in on what kind of apocalypse is occurring, then you are thrown into a deserted/zombie filled shopping mall. Loads of special effects are used and I think you get some kind of laser gun too. It sounds so so fun if I wasn't such a fassy. 

The experience is located in Reading and up to 15 people can take part in the 3 hour experience at a time. Tickets are £139. Yeah it's kinda steep but theres no other experience like this in the country apart from acid but that's illegal and dangerous and that's why it'd be good for a special occasion rather than just a standard night off. 

It's really funny I'm just reading through the FAQ and one of the questions was "Can I bring my own weapons." Some people can take it too seriously i guess. Here's the website that reiterates everything I just said but better but more lamer.