The front cover of the new Just Kids issue of ID magazine is just too good. I've recently started getting back into hair design. Nothing like a good kiss curl to take you back to the Mutya Buena days. Vaseline those baby curls to your head and get that small lil nike back pack in pink and purple with a ridiculous dummy in your mouth and gel pens on your hands saying 

'Baby gurl luvs Balla Boi 4 eva "

as some kind of day territorial tattoo statement to all the other girls. Also the fades the boys used to get. I remember tweetypie being a popular one and some boy in my school also had the London city scape in the back of his head. I was kinda contemplating getting slits in my eyebrow earlier but I dunno man. 

This is Noodlez & G a few years back when we had a little party. Check the hair!

And here is Thid's attempt the other day at making me into more of a mami chula.