OK time to pay attention!

This is the new music video from the group Organized Threat entitled The Legacy that features Fern's favourite Gavlyn. It's a collective of mainly west coast rappers from all different kinds of sex, shade and beliefs which is something that is definitely needed in hip hop musical culture.  Also featuring in the Organized Threat are contemporary poets and illustrators. They have a complete mixture of different kinds of people in their collective which makes them so unique and original. 

And this is a  really good track by way of introducing them. Reminds me of some good old 90's hip hop rappers with some buff 90's east coast sounding beat, and when Gavlyn makes her appearance at 2.25 you know they have the whole package going on. 

Here's their website so you can get a better idea. And to make it an even solider movement they also have a live stream on their homepage which features live conversations and other events. That's such a good idea. So if your a real hip hop fan watch and appreciate this.