Illustrated People has now launched their very own Soundcloud so you can now hear what all the hype is about as well. We looked all over the UK and kidnapped the best of the disc jockey bunch in the UK and held them all at gun point to make a mix for us. Joking they wanted to do it. But every week we shall be presenting a new DJ with their very own unique mix which contributes to a colourful plefora of sounds on the IP Soundcloud. 

This week we present The D.A and his 2012 Trap music mix including track listing for all you special music heads. If like me, you didn't exactly understand what Trap music was, well now you know. Now. you. know. 

This is the perfect set for pre-drinks or if your having a little shoobz at yours and you don't mind people standing on your couch with shoes on.  But perhaps not because this mix is guaranteed to be better than the set you're going to hear by some DJ in some nightclub on some random night. Unless it is your going to a night where The D.A. was DJing. We just want you to have a good night as all.

More of The D.A here: www.soundcloud.com/thedauk