Now for a very long over due post on GHOST RIDING. Yeah that right 'ghost riding the whip' is not a  new thing but it's still becoming increasingly popular here in the west.  For people that dont know it's simply when one exits their automobile whilst moving and dances around it. Sounds irresponsible? Yeah it is but dont judge because people of all ages do it. Just type ghost riding into youtube and you see all sorts, marines ghsotriding the MRAP, old granny ghostriding her yellow brick of a car and so on and so on...Here's a trailer to a film documentary done on Ghost Riding.

 It started in the Bay Area in San Fran but grew in Oakland where it is apparently common to see this happening on the regs. The tune Tell me when to go by E-40 is also one of the roots to ghost riding popularity as there is all kinds of fresh madness ghost wippin riding going on in the video. (see below) All in all I think ghost riding is pretty good as long as it's done out of choice, the car is jokes and if it's got a badass soundtrack to it...Oh and if it's done responsible of course but how responsible can letting your moving car go along a road by itself while slut dropping and booty shaking around it really get. thug it.