I've been sitting on this one like a golden cyber egg for some time now because I've been building up the momentum to blog about him in all his glory and give it the justice it needs.


New York risen rapper, artist and poet who is one of a kind and gives a show like no other around today. His online presence is already all over the gaff with red carpet fame on the tumblrsphere and even his own wiki. His music videos have all the weird and wonderful from dreams and the beats are spooky sick too with some sounding like 90's/millennium timbaland/missy tracks and others with the sound of more trappy, asapy,  New York sounding styles from today. 

 Every music video is done to perfection with amazing style and sick concepts. 
There's so many videos to choose from to show you but here's the one I was shown first which is Kingpinnin produced by Brenmar, 
OH MY DAYS IT'S SO  GOOD and you better watch closely...

Now if you haven't realized by now Mykki has a USP. Mykki is the first of the transvestite/transsexual what ever you'd like to label it rappers. He has his own alter-ego in the shape of his 24 year old female side who also features on a majority of the songs. It gives him completely different sides. We have the gangster thugged out Mykki with all the stereotypical gangster looking arm movements and then we have the flirtatious and diva movements of his female self. I guess he's one of those hate or love him kind of artists but if you hate him you've probably more likely to have issues with yourself than him really.

Below is his most recently released mixtape entitled Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape has been produced by such producers like Flosstradamus and Brenmar and is a whole range of creepy ghetto glorious.