Since I've acquired a huge lava lamp in my life which I can now not sleep without, I find my self-discipline once again being tested. I cant help but want to drink the lava in my lamp. The worst thing about it is it'd be really easy to do it. I've already checked out the top and it's pretty much like the top of a Snapple drink. I'm genuinely worried that I'll come home one night out of my mind & cave in on my temptation to drink the beautiful colors. Maybe I should move it or put it in this cage I have so by the time I get round to opening it I may have had a change of heart.

Anyway, if I'm going to die like this at least it'll be some what original and there'll be lots of lovely colors. Actually after researching death by Lava Lamp, in 2004 some 24 year old American guy (probably on acid or a complete idiot) died during an attempt to heat up his lava lamp by putting it on a stove and admiring it from a few feet away. LOL. No one can say they didnt just laugh a bit. The heat from the stove made the glass explode causing shards of glass to fly into his face and chest and into his heart....oh.
that the Lava Lamp aka Astro Lamp was invented by a Brit in 1963. It was a huge success through the 60's and 70's obviously because everyone was getting fucked up. And the carbon tetra-chloride inside is poisonous just for the record. A dosage of 40mg can kill a human and a cat...
So basically I'm pretty much sleeping next to a loaded gun.

A beautiful purple and red glowing Beretta 9mm.